We are very sorry you are having problems finding what you want on the site.

The quickest way to find something is to use QUICK SEARCH. Go to the very top, right hand corner of the website above the video on home page to the search entire store here and enter the name of what you are looking for be it a book, product, blog i.e - Hades, Leans Gains, Tagoloa, RugbyFit, Fitness blogs etc.

The site structure works on the following lines.

To Buy Products

Select  PRODUCT/STORE in the main menu above the video. Choose which category of product you want – Supplements/Training Guides [Books]/Clothing etc and click

To Learn More about a Product

Select PRODUCT/STORE in main menu above the video. Choose Learn More from Sub Menu, which will open up a list of product categories. For example to read more about Leans Gains – Click Training EBooks.

To Read Articles/Blogs

Select FITNESS/HEALTH in main menu above the video. Choose what article group you want to read. For example for all rugby themed articles click RUGBY ARTICLES. For Fitness themed blogs/articles click FITNESS ARTICLES   

Click here to read the latest Articles/Blogs.

To Watch Videos

Select JHTV in Main menu above the video. Choose what type of video you want to view from the submenu  - so Nutrition TV – then simply click on the video you want to watch

To Read James Q&A’s or to Ask Him a Question

Select FITNESS/HEALTH in main menu above the video. Select #AskHask from submenu

To ask James a question either email askhask@jhhf.co.uk or use jameshaskellHF on Twitter & Instagram

How to find things

Directly ABOVE the video section is a comprehensive menu bar, which displays all the key business categories


If you place your cursor over one of these main category headings, a sub menu will appear showing all the sub menu content.

If you click on the Category name the sub content menu will appear as a full list down the page.

Either way, just click on the sub menu item you want to view.

Directly UNDER the main video is a automatic scrolling list of promotional banners – you can manually scroll forwards and backwards using the grey arrows at either end of the display.

There is a rollover function, which displays the full text. To view - click the image or text.

There will be a short explanation as to what it is about with a direct link at the bottom of the page to take you to the product or learn more about the product page .

The Learn More page will always contain a direct buy link to the product

The next section is called WHATS TRENDING.

This displays all the latest products and services available on the site. As with the Promotional Banners the display automatically scrolls. Use the Grey arrows at either side to manually scroll through the display banners. Click the highlighted Learn More button to open

Below What’s Trending are three displays

 - Hot Blogs
 - Blog Posts
 - News  

 These are  essentially a display of all the latest articles written about Fitness, Rugby, Nutrition and the like. As with all our displays there is a manual scrolling function to enable you to view all the latest stories, articles and news. Just click grey arrows at either end of display.

The Hot Blog section details all the most important Articles.

At the bottom of the page is our live Social Media Stream, which displays the latest tweets, posting and social interaction across all JHHF media platforms.

Finally the Footer bar. All Quick information Links are to be found here.

For example, if you want to read the company’s policy on returning items. Just click on Returns/Refunds under Company section.

All the links are set out alphabetically under the three sections

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