Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme

Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme is the latest eBook Training Package from JHHF.
Written by James Haskell himself.

The package has been written with the specific intention of helping both men and women achieve their New Year Fitness goals and ambitions.

As with everything James writes, it is a very detailed, considered book covering off not only all the exercises you will need to perform but equally if not more important, it contains a very comprehensive section on nutrition.

The Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme is a twelve week programme for both men and women. The ambition is for men to gain size and develop lean muscle. For women, the aim is to develop muscle, as well as tone-up.

The programme is structured around a periodisation of hypertrophy* aligned with German Volume training.**

*Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) is a method of strength training intended to induce the fastest muscle growth, or hypertrophy, possible, without losing efficacy over an extended period of time and without the use of anabolic steroids.

**German Volume Training (GVT) is a training system that has been used by powerlifters, bodybuilders and Olympic lifters to break plateaus and gain mass.

Unlike virtually all other programmes currently out there. We have nailed the nutrition side through creating a programme which teaches you how to look after your own nutrition requirements, which is the essential ingredient in any successful plan.

What makes our eBook training package unique is that it comes with not just one but two nutrition solutions to complete the offering and to ensure, providing the plan detail is closely adhered to, that you will almost certainly achieve your target fitness goals.

Quite a claim you may think and indeed you may also well ask why having a nutritional component is so unique and indeed necessary?

What the majority of people fail to appreciate is that Nutrition is at the very core of any worthwhile exercise programme or plan. In fact without any exaggeration, Nutrition comprises about 65% of any successful programme. Without the right intake, of the right foods, at the right time, you are effectively wasting your time.

However we will be the first to admit that understanding the basics of nutrition and then putting it into practice, is not the easiest of first steps. However without this vital cog in the wheel, sadly nothing much is really going to happen.

Therefore here at JHHF we have a two pronged solution to remove the obstacle and make it all very easy for you.

We have partnered with two leading nutrition companies, acknowledged experts in their own respective fields.

The first company with whom we have partnered on our New Year project, is a company called Fresh Fitness Foods [FFF].

Fresh Fitness Foods are a company who supply cooked food based on your macro and calorific requirements, direct to your Home, Office, Gym in fact anywhere you want on a daily basis. But actually that’s where it really only just starts.

The food they prepare and cook for you, which can be either hot or cold, is based exactly on all your nutritional requirements based on the fitness goals you have in mind. So just as you have a bespoke suit or pair of shoes tailor-made to exactly fit your body. FFF in the exact same way will tailor and craft the food to fit exactly with your body.


If this is your chosen option from the two available. Then in order to receive your discount, you need to order through the JHHF site. However whilst you will be awarded the discount code, NO money is taken from you.

Once you have checked out on the JHHF site, armed with your discount code, you will be automatically and seamlessly taken to the Fresh Fitness Foods site, onto a page which explains in more detail the process.

Once you are happy just click the “order now” button.

You need to complete, as best you can the order form, which asks for your full contact details. Explains about the available easy payment options and critically asks you to define your goals and ambitions with regard to the training programme.

The completed form is then sent to their in-house Nutritionist - who will get in contact with you the customer to complete the plan. This whole process will happen within 24 hours.


Having clearly established what your precise nutritional nutrition needs are you will then with another 24 hours start to receive their food, which will be delivered to location of your choice in thermal designed cool bag developed to keep you days food chilled and fresh.

As a part of the ongoing process and nurturing provided by FFF their Engagement team will contact you regularly to ensure the customer is happy with their food as well as see if they want any make any adjustments or changes to package along the way.

FFF will then contact each customer 1/2 weeks before end of package, to see if they wish to continue.


The other solution on offer if you have the time, basic knowledge as well as the appetite, in all senses of the word, to plan and create your own meals.

If so then Foods for Fitness are a specialist butchery firm who have a dedicated focus towards the nutritional and fitness sectors.

James has worked with their team to create two unique stacks, one comprising just meat. The other meat and a fantastic selection of vegetables, all organically reared and grown, delivered in easy portions, all individually wrapped and sealed for freshness, direct to your home.

However to make things even easier for you JHHF has teamed up with GB Rowing’s executive chef, Omar Meziane to create a series of really quick, simple and above all tasty recipes to show you how easy it all is and how to do it.

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