If you want to achieve your fitness goals you have to eat properly

Fresh Fitness Food

The outcome of any successful exercise plan is 65% down to you having the RIGHT nutrition and eating the right food, to fuel and sustain your training.

The harsh fact is unless you are eating the right food to support your training, you are pretty much wasting your time.

How many people actually know and really understand this crucial fact?

Fortunately we do at JHHF, so this issue doesn't need to become a nightmare for anyone.


So now you understand, it's no longer a nightmare!
Translate this knowledge into positive action

You have a few basic choices:

The first is to prepare and cook your own food yourself. If this is of interest click here about Foods For Fitness.

The other is to have someone else cook and deliver daily, exactly the nutritious food you need to achieve your exercise plan.

Let them create a set of bespoke meals plans, based precisely on what your body needs to fuel itself, to achieve your fitness goals, Then allow them to cook all the food for you. Delivering it daily, wherever you want it anywhere within the M25 radius, in reusable, stylish cool bags, which will keep the food chilled and fresh all day.

So to be very clear – precisely the nutritious and healthy food you need to be eating, in order to achieve your exercise plan.

Both are simple solutions – why not alternate between the two?


Enhance Your Wellbeing

Fresh Fitness Food, London’s premium provider of bespoke nutrition plans, will tailor your nutrition to achieve your health and fitness goals and enhance your wellbeing.

So whether you are looking to lower your body fat percentage, build muscle and boost performance, or give your diet a healthy overhaul, the expert team at Fresh Fitness Food will deliver specifically-designed, nutritious meal packages tailored to your fitness regime, straight to your door, for ultimate convenience and enhanced results.


Tailored Diet

Each of the tailored packages provide between three to five nutritious meals a day, made with the finest ingredients, delivered daily to either your home or office to suit your needs.

As the menu changes daily and is entirely rotated every fortnight, you are ensured great taste and variety with every delivery.

By simply entering your basic details into the easy to use online system, a daily meal plan is created to help you support your individual training regime and achieve your personal goals. As part of this consultation, individuals can choose from one of five meal packages

So take the fuss out of food preparation and make the most of your fitness regime with Fresh Fitness Food’s specialised nutritionist-designed meals from around £20 per day.


Please, don't just take our word for it:

"Delighted to have found FFF and met the team, it can even open the eyes of professionals in fitness/nutrition, nobody knows it all! It was like Christmas waking up each day to my freshly prepared meals ready for the day outside my door!"

Olivia Cooney
Managing Director

“In my line of work every pound, every kilo makes a difference.  I need the right fuel to perform. Fresh Fitness food provides meals that are specifically designed for me and delivered to my door daily.  Whether I am training or about to step on stage they have the right meal plans for me.  Everything is considered and to top it off it tastes great."

Zoe Smith
Olympic Weight Lifter

"They take all the hassle out of eating insanely healthy food"

Spencer Matthews
Made in Chelsea

"Saves time, limits stress and makes dieting consistent and sustainable"

Dominic Busby


How exactly do you determine what I should be eating?

Our qualified nutritionists will design your bespoke plan with the aid of our custom built nutrition software.

Whether you are looking to reduce your body fat, build lean muscle, boost performance or give your diet a healthy overhaul, the expert team at Fresh Fitness Food will deliver personalised, nutritious meal plans straight to your door, for ultimate convenience, assurance and the best possible results.

How many meals a day are we talking about?

Each of the tailored packages typically provides between three to five nutritious meals a day, made with the finest ingredients, delivered daily to either your home or office to suit your needs. For elite and high performance, we are able to deliver more than five meals.

How can you guarantee the food is fresh and stays fresh?

Our team of expert, professional chefs prepare and cook everything fresh on a daily basis. Your food will also be delivered daily in a bespoke, temperature controlled cool bag with an ice pack included.

Should you wish to save some of the meals they will stay fresh for 3 days if kept refrigerated.

Is the food hot or cold?

The food can be eaten hot or cold, depending on your personal preference.

When do you deliver?

We deliver daily from Monday to Friday and all deliveries are made between 00:00 and 06:00. 

How is the food delivered? 

The food is delivered daily by our delivery company. All of your food will be packed into a bespoke cooler bag and everything is left in accordance with your instructions, either at your home or work.

Do I need to sign for it?

We can deliver to where you work if your office has 24hr access or to where you live, in which case you can either provide our delivery team with a key to access somewhere secure or you can tell is where to leave your bag (i.e. tucked behind a hedge, behind a wall etc.). We can even provide a fox and weather proof box.

Whereabouts do you deliver? 

We deliver to any address within the M25. Please note that delivery charges can apply in some circumstances.

How long do I have to sign up to?

There is no contract. You choose how long you want to sign up for from 5 days to 100 days.

Is there a trial period offered?

We offer a 5 day trial to get you started.

Roughly how much does this cost a day?

Packages start from £20 per day, with the typical package priced at £28-29 per day.

Do you offer different payment plans? 

Packages can be paid for either weekly or upfront.  A £1 discount per day is applied for upfront payments.

What about allergies and food preferences?  

You are free to exclude as many ingredients or groups of food (i.e. red meat, gluten, fish etc.) as you want. We also offer a limited pescatarian menu and a fully halal menu. 

How qualified are you to be able to do this?

Fresh Fitness Food has a team of qualified nutritionists who will work with you to ensure your food is aligned to your nutritional needs and goals.  Our Michelin star trained menu consultant and a team of expert chefs will then prepare your food daily.

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