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"I have to say James Haskell’s RugbyFit EBook is a classic.
It removes so much of the rubbish associated with preparation for rugby. I think it is clear and sympathetic and I like the way it turns the players away from obsession and endless heavy weights. I really like it and commend everyone interested in rugby to buy a copy and read it."
Stephen Jones
Rugby Correspondent – The Sunday Times

"Haskell's attention to detail when discussing training suggests that the best players put in the most clever work”
Stuart MacLennan 
Editor - The SCRUM Magazine

A brilliant addition to any young, aspiring, rugby-player’s arsenal.
Max Skofic
Creative Director – Talking Rugby Union

James Haskell, Wasps & England, is one of England’s most prominent Rugby Union players. Almost as well known for his physique and physical fitness, James has written his first Rugby specific, fitness eBook to coincide with the recent Rugby World Cup.

The EBook officially entitled “The Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit” is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to follow in the footsteps of the Wasps Captain

The RugbyFit EBook is available in two formats – Classic and Video Plus. The Video Plus version includes a personal video introduction and explanation from James covering each chapter/step in the book. There are also individual videos to accompany each and every exercise, offering tutorial and clear demonstration of the exact technique required to execute each carefully selected exercise.

In its near one hundred pages, the fully illustrated EBook offers a unique professional insight into the great sport of Rugby, gleaned through James experiences in having played in the top four professional leagues in World Rugby. Now you too can learn what it really takes to Train Like a Pro.

To preview some sections of the book, as well as “BookSnack” some of the actual content, please click the 'Preview Book' button below. A fully digitised leaflet will open, with full instructions enabling you to expand and zoom into the content. To move into the actual “BookSnacking” section. Simply click the link on the penultimate page, page 5, of the leaflet. Complete the simple online marketing/interest register, to gain access into preview section.

Covering the intense training techniques required to maximize a player’s performance levels, be they male or female. James’s RugbyFit EBook includes amongst other aspects, crucial advice on cardio, resistance training, endurance, nutrition, as well as core rugby skills, sport-specific conditioning and recovery.

To answer questions such as “Why do I need the RugbyFit EBook?” “Do I have to play rugby to benefit from the advice and fitness training exercises?” and critically “Is this book really going to help me become a better player?” Please read the comprehensive FAQ section covering both versions of the EBook – The Classic and Video Plus editions, by clicking the link below

What’s in the Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit EBook?

  • Introduction and Training Principles
  • The six most frequent questions asked
  • What your training week should look like
  • Warm–up
  • HIIT Cardio
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Resistance Training
  • Power Endurance
  • Running Session
  • Rugby Specific Conditioning
  • Rugby Core Skills - Competing for the Ball
  • Rugby Core Skills - Passing
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements


What is the “Introduction to Rugby Fitness”?

It's a fully comprehensive EBook stretching to almost 100 pages that covers all aspects of rugby training, preparation, conditioning and nutrition. If you have been training for a while and slightly lost your way or don’t know where to start, then this book is for you. It contains all the information and more you will need.

What’s actually in the book?

The RugbyFit EBook covers an array of subjects and topics, such as HIIT training, resistance training, recovery, power endurance, core skill drills, proper warm-up, nutrition, supplements and tips on performance. The idea is to provide the reader with not only all the background information and detail they will need but also to provide actual sessions for them to follow in the gym, on the pitch and at home.

RugbyFit contains information on when and what to do and train both pre-season, during the season and off-season whilst on your holidays, to keep in trim and fit.

We advise what kind of sessions work well and the kind of reps and sets you would want to be looking at doing. We also provide a weekly training schedule to follow in-season.

There is also a comprehensive nutritional section, which will start to educate on the do’s and don’ts of eating properly. The book outlines and discuss meal plans, supplements, macronutrients and plate composition.

Why do I need a specific rugby training EBook?

You don’t if you are happy with where you currently sit fitness-wise and are content with playing the game at the level you currently do.

However rugby, along with every sport, has specialist requirements. So if you are serious about wanting to become a better player to fulfill your potential or just move up to a different level to maximize your enjoyment of the game, then you need to know what to and more importantly how to do it.

Who is the EBook aimed at?

It’s for both men and women of any age, who are into their training and for rugby players, both young and old, who are either just starting out or want to improve their game and step-up to the next level.

The introduction to rugby fitness is for both men and women. It may appear male orientated but that is not the case. All the training is the same for women of all ages. Women can train exactly the same as men, and to think differently is wrong and ill informed.

What aspects of training does the EBook cover?

- HIIT training
- Resistance training
- Power endurance
- Rugby specific condition
- Endurance running
- Warm ups
- Recovery
- Bodyweight
- Core rugby skill drills

Every section comes with a full-blown session you can add straight away into your training programme.

Once you purchase the EBook you will be ahead of the game and ready to start training efficiently and effectively in no time.

What other areas and aspects are covered in the EBook aside from training?

James explains his thoughts and views on how to stand out in a rugby trial.

Explains where young players are going wrong in their pursuit of trying to become professional.

Outlines all the different types of training you need to perform to cover off being a professional rugby player.

Provides an example of a weekly training programme, providing information on when and what a training day/week should look like.

Much more, such as the tips and tricks he has learnt over the last twelve years playing in the top four domestic leagues in World Rugby.

Does it matter if I don’t play rugby?

Not at all. You don't need to play rugby to get really good results and information from this EBook. I have naturally tailored the book towards Rugby specific training and the requirements for a rugby player. However the general principles behind the various sessions, warm-up, recovery and general sessions like HIIT, equally apply across the board to other sports, as well as general gym work.

The idea behind the book, whether you are a rugby player or not, is to cover off all the different types of training. Explain how they can help you, together with the type of detail you need to be doing, to get the results you want. If you have just started to work-out and are confused as to what to do and how to do it, then this programme will give you the guidance. Equally if you have been training for a while and are looking to mix things up, then again this book is there to help to guide you up to the next level

Is it position specific?

The answer in short is no. James maybe a back-rower specialist but the plan equally applies to all players across all the various positions. Moving forward, we will be writing more specific EBooks with the intention of covering off the key areas of both back play and forward play. Plus of course position specific development and appropriate skills improvement

Is there an age limit on this EBook?

There are no specific age restrictions or limits for this book. Although the focus of the book is towards players from Colts level upwards, so 15/16 plus, all the information supplied in the book is perfectly suitable for younger players, who want to start out on the right development path.

However on a personal and cautionary note, we at James Haskell Health and Fitness would certainly not recommend anyone under the age of 15 lifting actual heavy weights or indeed taking any form of supplement.

However there is no problem doing bodyweight work before this, which is what we talk about within the book The aim and purpose behind the EBook is to educate people, especially young players, into good habits and to positively learn from the mistakes that James himself has made

What is the difference between the two EBooks available?

The first version is the fully illustrated Classic EBook, which can be viewed via the web, as a printed hard copy, on your desktop, as well as smart phone and tablet using Safari or similar. It contains all the content and information shown on the site www.jameshaskell.com/learn-more-ebooks

The Video Plus version comes with individual chapter introductory videos, as well as individual exercise videos, which cover off every exercise in the EBook. There are also bonus recipe and nutrition videos.

The focus is to ensure all aspects of each section of the book are clearly explained and outlined. So those people who have never trained or don't have much basic knowledge, can view and understand the exact techniques required to perform each and every exercise to maximize return and benefit. It will save you time and crucially keep you safe by ensuring you execute the exercises and drills in the correct way.

Nutrition is essential to everything you are trying to do. So we have teamed up with top chef Omar Meziane (former Wasps and now GB Rowing chef) to provide healthy simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of these are available within the Video Plus EBook

What nutrition is discussed with the EBook?

We cover basic meal plans and advise what you need to be eating to enable you to train to be a rugby player. The book provides examples of a daily diet plan and details what your plate composition should look like. We also talk about the basics of macronutrients and micronutrients in the book as well as explaining key areas like hydration. We also detail things to avoid!

There are recipe ideas for both breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of which come with simple how-to guides with step-by-step instructions

Are supplements covered in the EBook?

This is a popular and more than occasionally, a hotly debated topic, so understandably we devote an entire chapter to the subject of supplements. We explain how to take them, what to take and when to take them. The book provides you with a plan of how you should plan and prepare in this regard, pre, during and post workout

We talk about our own multiple award-winning range of natural Informed Sport approved, batch tested supplement, which James himself uses pre match. Plus there is a general section on how to take supplements to ensure the safest and best results.

How often do I need to train?

There is a comprehensive weekly training plan in the book, which explains and guides you through the full season, explaining when you need to lift in season. When to rest and when to perform fitness sessions. This focused and comprehensively detailed approach even factors in weekends when you are playing matches. It even address the issue of what to do when you don’t have a game or only enjoy limited game time.

Every training session also comes complete with advice as to when you should be undertaking the particular type of training in season, in pre-season as well as what to do during your holidays

Can I view the EBook before buying?

You can click the two Read More buttons to read some blogs James has posted about the EBook. View More will enable you to view some introductory videos about the package. Finally Preview Book will take you to what we call the book-snacking section, which following the completion of a very short online marketing questionnaire, will enable you to view a selection of actual pages taken from the book, as well as test out how the individual exercise videos function within the EBook.

Detailed within this section are exploded page examples of what the content from the book looks like. As well as detailing and illustrating information about contents and chapters

Will I get the results I want as well as value for money from the EBook?

We truly believe you will and that you won’t be disappointed.

It has taken James over a year to write this near one hundred page, fully illustrated EBook. Whilst contemplating the notion of writing such a book, James carefully looked into what other rugby specific packages or EBooks might be out there on the market and found very little.

No company or individual offers anything remotely close to his one-stop- shop, comprehensive RugbyFit offering.

Additionally there was nobody presenting content in the way the RugbyFit EBook does, especially one supported by comprehensive videos This will be your training bible for the foreseeable future. One you can keep referring back to and referencing, time and time again.

We believe it offers exceptionally good value

What do the respective EBooks cost?

There are two basic versions of the EBook. The Classic EBook which is £39.99 and the Video Plus version which costs £64.99.There are also Supplement Plus editions, which include a heavily discounted bottle of either our male or female multiple award winning, all natural, Informed Sport certified pre- trainer, to help you maximise your results

Where can I buy the EBook?

If you want to purchase the EBook Simply decide which version you want to purchase: The Classic, Video Plus or Supplement Plus and then simply click the button below. You will be taken straight to our secure checkout with full details of the ordering and redemption process

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