James has written a number of books on the subjects of Health and fitness.

But he has found his biggest success with his Sunday Times Bestseller ‘What A Flanker’ The book has been a smash hit since its launch in both Hardback and Audiobook. “What a Flanker” is an epic journey of short stories from James rugby career around the world. It has been described as The funniest sports biography you’ll read in 2020

James’ first Book Rugby Fit was a guide for young players both male and female to help them understand the needs and requirements of being a professional rugby player. The book features training sessions, nutritional

Ideas and specialist tips.

Perfect Fit came next and was published by Hodder and Staunton. The book is a full comprehensive training bible with both home and gym workouts. Nutritional plans for fat loss, muscle gain and over 70 recipes. It contains 8 week and 12 week transformation plans for the home and gym.

Cooking for fitness is a collaboration between top sports chef Omar Mezziane (England Footballs Chef) and James. Containing over 120 recipes, for Both Fat Loss and muscle gain.

 All of his books have been best sellers in their own categories.

Available to purchase today.

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