Savoury Blend mixes - Ideal accompaniment to the Foods For Fitness stacks

As part of our mission to bridge and significantly narrow the gap between the gym and kitchen. Additionally  as a compliment in every sense, to our existing raw ingredient offerings, we have Savoury Blend. A health conscious food product with absolutely no compromise on taste, flavour and goodness.

Savoury Blend is a unique, professional blend of dry, high quality herbs and spices combined with 20 grams of pure pea protein ,to turn any recipe into a healthy, cost effective, protein rich meal solution with a knock-out taste.

Mix in as part of the cooking process. Sprinkle over when cooking. Add into a stir fry. Use as a seasoning and/or coating or simply combine with water to use as a sauce.

For an easily added protein hit, mix a scoop into any curry, stew, soup or sauce as it cooks.

The options are endless.

The Blend Bros mission statement is  “To Introduce more of the Good and Less of the Bad into the Diet of the Everyday Athlete”.

Savoury Blend is an extremely versatile, high protein herb and spice cooking seasoning mixture.

The product is available in both handy and attractive 990 gram storage tins, with a long shelf life, as well as a skillet containing eight individual sachets, with each sachet containing 55 grams of spices and herbs with each sachet delivering 20 grams of pure pea protein.

How you decide to use the product depends on how much you use. For example if you mix it with water then typically you would use 55 grams which means the large tines contain @ 18 servings.

Nominally a 55 gram sachet is deemed to be a single serving, delivering 20 grams of high quality protein per  serving.

Although if you chose to sprinkle the seasonings into a curry, throw a scoop into soups and broths or even add to mash potato, then the option of buying the blend in the 990 gram attractively designed storage tin, means you will always have it readily to hand for quite a while.

If you are using the product as a tasty coating, then it will last even longer.

The product is dairy and egg free. Low in sugar and fat, containing nothing artificial, so absolutely safe for both vegans and vegetarians to cook with.

Current Flavourings with many more to follow in both tins and skillets:

Thai Jungle Curry

Spanish Chorizo & Tomato

Mexican Pibil Stew

Fantastic recipe ideas:

Protein Chilli Nachos

Winter soup

Mexican Pulled Chicken

Protein Thai Potato Cakes

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