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The James Haskell Health and Fitness App

The New James Haskell Health & Fitness App [JHApp] means all our followers are now able to seamlessly connect, via their mobile, tablet, ipad or android to James Haskell Health & Fitness.

The new JHApp has been designed with three specific goals in mind.

The first is to enable everyone who purchases one of our Training EBook or Fitness Guides to be able to read the book[s] whilst out and about; most critically, even when their device is offline.

So whilst on the tube, in the gym whilst working out, one of those days when you just can’t get a signal. All our great content will now always be available.

The App, which is available on both Apple and Android, has so many great features. In fact so many we have created a video to showcase all the features as well as many of  the great things it offers, completely free.

So please download it today and start to enjoy all the brilliant “How –To” videos, which James has created demonstrating in precise details the technique and tips for the safe and beneficial way to perform an exercise.

Additionally all the training, health, fitness and nutrition information which is posted up on the Jameshaskell.com site on a regular basis.

Secondly the App was designed to ensure no one ever has to miss out on any of great content, free advice, tutorials, Masterclasses which occur daily. As well as all the JHTV published weekly shows.

So you can now access all the latest news, videos and live social updates from James, via online stream. Stay up to date with the latest offers, promotions, competitions and latest fitness training systems.

Thirdly to be an invaluable training and exercise reference point to advise about exercising specific zones of the body, individual muscle groups as well as key areas of the body.*

It’s completely free to download on iPhone, iPad, tablet and Android. Simple to navigate with full online instructions.

Stay connected to all social media channels.

*Launching in the Spring of 2016, JHHF will be unveiling a series of bespoke training programmes available for all experience levels. The series, catering for both men and women, covers all the key areas of the body and will include the ability to identify and select multiple training categories relating to specific body target areas, such as neck, abs to suit the individual’s physical goals and ambitions. As well as more general training goals like mass building, lean gains, definition, strength and power to mention but a few.

The editions are simple to navigate, available off-line in addition to offering the ability to record, track and feed-back your daily progress.
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