You Are Not Alone

Following a very successful soft launch across social, starting today on the site we are launching a new series of blogs, both written and in video format featuring James’s recovery from his injury and subsequent operation.

As with virtually everything with which we engage, this new initiative as been driven by you, the fans and followers, following your thousands of messages to James asking for his help.

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For every professional sports person who sustains a serious or career threatening injury, there are hundreds if not thousands of people out there suffering the same sort of issues but without the structure and support of a club to help them through.

Accordingly James has been inundated since his injury became public with people seeking his advice and help. So as with the book rather than try and answer everyone individually, he has decided to create a series of posts with the intention of helping people through this difficult period.

Naturally not being medically qualified, this is not about any specific recovery or treatment plan and must not be ever taken as such. As with all injuries and operations James can only talk about his own experiences and specific challenges but even then someone with an identical injury must always take advice directly from their own physician.

Instead this will be a serious,as well as humous insight into what he is doing to get himself back fit. How he is feeling, whayt he is doing training and recovery wise as well as detailing some of the issues and challenges he is facing, such as going shopping on only one leg.

This is about helping and inspiring people. Getting them to understand they are not alone in their endevours to recover and get back fit.

If it motivates and inspires just one person then that is reward enough.

So look out for

These will be posted across all our social channels – Twitter, Face book, YouTube and Instagram

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We hope you enjoy ang get benefit from this

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