World Cup Legacy

The 2015 Rugby World Cup may well not have gone the way England rugby or indeed the Nation as a whole would have wanted or wish for.

The sense of disappointment and let-down is palpable.

However one team’s failure to perform and match expectations must not detract from what otherwise was a spectacular tournament, showcasing what World Rugby has to offer and reinforcing more strongly than ever, just what a magnificent game Rugby Union really is. We must all rejoice in and admire, more than ever, the virtues and tremendous attributes the game offers.

Therefore the 2015 Rugby World Cup must not let the same opportunity slip away, as did the Olympics 2012, who squandered a fantastic opportunity by not capitalising on the huge, potential legacy created by the dazzling success of the 2012 Games in London. The net effect of this failure has resulted in the number of people participating in sport at least once a week, falling by some 200,000, according to Sport England.

Some 15.3 million people played sport between April 2012 and April 2013, down from 15.5 million in October's figures

With the above firmly in mind, our plans for the early autumn include the release of our block buster new series, to coincide with what we hope will be the fantastic legacy left by the Rugby World Cup 2015.

The Beginners Guide to Rugby is a comprehensive, yet light touch coverage of the great game of rugby starting with the origins and history of the game. Moving through to the players, the kit they wear and the positions they occupy.

The video then addresses some of the key rules, strategies and set pieces of the game such as the scrum, line-out and breakdown areas of the game. As well as tackling, forward passes and rules around knocking on the ball.

Written and narrated by James Haskell, Wasps and England, the video, although comprehensive in its detail and coverage is fast moving, informative and interesting.

Additionally we hope the video series will be of interest to what we trust will be a legion of parents, possibly new to our great game of rugby, who having been inspired by what they have seen of the game during the World Cup are eager to get their children involved in a sport, which still maintains and enshrines the values which we would like our children to adopt when both playing sport and in a wider, life style context.

Working in conjunction with other people towards a common goal. Understanding, appreciating and valuing the ethos of team work. Respecting authority in the guise of the referee but ultimately about maximizing their endeavours and effort whilst in a game scenario on the pitch with the desire and focus to win but equally appreciating the efforts of the other team in possibly inflicting defeat with the ability to manage and accept disappointment

To leave all emotions on the pitch and learn to be able to immediately move forward and integrate with the supporters and players of the opposing team, without rancour and malice

To view the Beginners Guide Videos please click here.

For those possible interested in actually taking up the game of if you already play the game but want to step-up alevel. Then James Haskell's latest eBook "An Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugyFit" is a must-have read.

Priced at just £34.99, this near one hundred page, fully illustrated, book covers all aspects of what it takes to get yourself into shape, safely, effectively and comprehensively to play rugby.

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