Where have all the winning Supplements gone?

Where have all the winning Supplements gone?

A lot of you have contacted me on social media about the stock situation with our multiple Award winning Pre-Trainers Hades and Hella. I have tried to come back to you all individually, but due to the volume I am now going to make a single, unified post to put all your minds at rest.

I appreciate and can only apologize as I know this situation has been frustrating for a lot of you.

However order will be restored very shortly. Let me tell you how and crucially when.

Firstly we have all been blown away at James Haskell Health & Fitness by just popular and truly effective our supplements have been, since we first launched some 3 years ago.

We have won numerous Industry awards for the entire range, including Men’s Health Best Pre-Trainer in 2014 and for the last three consecutive years, being voted best Pre-Training supplement by the readers of Functional Sports Nutrition magazine.

We have been very fortunate to have built up a tremendously loyal fan base of both men and women who use our pure and natural supplements every day. I want to thank you all personally for that belief and sustained support of our products.

However after a lot of debate and thought, we have decided to finish with our current range and to re-launch with a whole new set of products, with fresh new branding, in keeping with our new name style and focus.

We will of course keep the same unique, winning formulas, which I personally developed originally for just my own use, in conjunction with leading expert Katherine Andreasen , which I am delighted to say you ladies and gents appear to love so much.

However we are saying goodbye to the names Hades, Hella and Tagaloa.

We will moving forward with simpler, more professional names, to match the maturity that #JHHF has seen with its migration from BodyFire to James Haskell Health & Fitness.

Our ambition is to provide the cleanest, most effective, best high end range of supplements possible which exactly mirrors the professional advice and guidance we provide.

We have sold out of all the old stock for Hades and Hella. We will be looking to launch the new product range at the end of May. We decided we needed to draw a distinct line in the sand, to clearly differentiate between the past and the future.

So please bear with us and stay tuned for all the exciting stuff, which is going to be coming out. We will be taking most of the sales back in-house in order to ensure the highest standards and to control everything correctly through www.jameshaskell.com.

Thank you again for all your support. If you want to share any feedback or ask me questions, then please contact me through twitter or Instagram @JamesHaskellhf . Use the #AskHask.

Alternatively email me at askhask@jameshaskell.com



– Entry was posted on April 15th, 2016 by James Haskell
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