The JHHF Clothing Range

The JHHF Clothing Range

For quite a while, spending as much time as I do in the Gym, as well as training out and about. I have wanted to create some James Haskell Health and Fitness clothing.

The design criteria were simple. I wanted the garments to be well made, good, durable quality material but more importantly to be both comfortable and cool, so I could use them for both my YouTube channel filming as well as for my own training and chill time.

Like most sportswear, which you can also wear to chill and relax. I wanted my own clothing to double-up in the same way. I hate trying to recover from a hard training session and not being able to fully relax, so I am a bit old school about my choice of fabric, material and fit when it comes to my training gear.

There is nothing worse than trying to relax in these ultra modern synthetic fabrics with all their “wicking” properties. Whenever I am working on my fitness business or in my down time, I want to put on something which is comfortable, casual and looks good.

So the first thing I had to do, after sourcing and designing a few items for the range, was to get them made, then to road test them for myself, to really put them through their paces.

I have been “papped” a number of times recently, whilst out and about wearing some of the clothes. So it was only when my followers on twitter and social media kept asking where I got them from and were they available to buy, I decided it was time to launch the range, which I have created for both women and men, which can only be purchased through my website

The ranges are made-up with the following items.

For Men we have:

 V – neck t shirts

 Classic t-shirts

 Baggy shorts

 Vests

 Hoodies

For Women:

 V- neck t shirts

 Sports bras

 Leggings

 Vest

The clothing is branded in a number of ways with all the garments being excellent value, generous sizes, durable, easy care through being fully machine washable to suit all your training and chilling needs.

I love them and when not in England camp, I am always to be found in the shorts and vest.

If you want to find out more about the range then have a look here on our site.

Let us know what you think? We are always keen to hear your feedback, you can contact us direct through the site, or you can follow us on our social media channels Twitter @JamesHaskellHF and instagram @JamesHaskellHF.

We have loads of new stuff coming out on our YouTube channel and website so make sure you stay tuned.

I am really overwhelmed over just how many people love my new RugbyFit EBook. People have been badgering me for the last five years or more to write on book on Rugby Training and Fitness. Up until the summer of 2014 the idea had remained firmly parked in my In-box. Then I just got the bug!

It’s been a real labour of love for me over the last year and I am so glad it’s finally out for you to enjoy. It’s about providing all the inside knowledge, intimate detail and information which I have only learnt through playing in the top four domestic rugby leagues in the World.

It is the vital, honest and effective information that any aspiring rugby player would want to know in order to get truly RugbyFit to either further their career or just make a positive start in learning to training in the right way. Learning to Train Like a Pro.

Its near 100 pages contains training routines, rugby skills, conditioning, nutritional advice and tips which I have picked-up over the last 12 years playing around the World as a professional.

If you want a preview to see some of the content or generally learn more, then click here

– Entry was posted on October 5th, 2015 by James Haskell

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