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James Haskell Health and Fitness [JHHF] is committed to a conducting a pro-active, regular daily stream of relevant, informative, interesting and wide ranging posts across all our social media channels.

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In terms of posting, we seek to post at least twice a day on most of our channels and in the case of Instagram and Twitter, considerably more often.

Our posts will normally fall into one of five categories:

Notifications – These posts are normally to advise of an impending YouTube or Blog release – please see the respective programme timings as below

Announcements – where we are breaking news or advising about a significant new development be it product or social media related/. Post/Tweets about special offers, Reader opportunities, New Challenges, Competitions

Comments – Where we commenting about a new product

Retweets – reposting/tweeting something we believe will be of interest to our subscribers

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Ancillary Blog Postings – In certain circumstances there may be a double posting on a single day. However the release time will always be @ four hours different from the documented, scheduled release plan as above.

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