Reap the FRuits oF James’s multi CultuRal expeRienCes

James haskell exhortation has always been to train for rugby with your brain and well as your body. He has bravely and boldly chosen to experience a multi-cultural rugby life, playing in the top professional divisions in england, France and Japan as well as super Rugby and the small matter of 60 england tests, he had trained under the sport’s great coaches and he has hoovered up all the different experiences, in the quest for the perfect conditioning package, of lifestyle, sports science and all the technical aspects.

It is true to say that all these career experiences are now crammed into his new project, the James Haskell RugbyFit ebook. He is always inundated with questions from players of all standards and aspirations, questions on all aspects of preparation to play the greatest game. His vast accumulated store of knowledge now reside in one publication and anyone who aspires to improvement and to improving their game out of sight, together with those of us who coach hopeful youngsters, will be delving into that store. 

There are several features which I find very comforting. Haskell demolishes the idea that sheer size and endless heavy weight-training should be everything in rugby. He holds up as the perfect training balance the new Zealand idea that around 65% of training time should be devoted to rugby and skills and 35% to the gym and allied work. Also, you do not have to be a world-class powerlifter to complete all the exercises in the book.

Granted, some of the drills and exercises can sound a little scary. The Romanian dead-lift. The lizard crawl. The Bulgarian split-squat. But the clarity of Haskell’s explanations, his summaries of the key points in performing all the parts of the plan, will soon re-assure you. He does not lay out a plan to avoid the hard work, far from it. 

But this book is not for obsessives, or for the muscle-bound. It is for rugby players, and on every page, we learn where each stage relates to the actual game. He also outlines rest and recovery protocols, recommends sharp sessions of no more than an hour. He suggests what time in the week and the season calls for what kinds of sessions.

James Haskell RugbyFit eBook is concise, precise, cutting-edge, and sympathetic. We all treasure heads-up rugby. This is heads-up preparation for rugby, and it will do you a World of good.

Stephen Jones

The Sunday Times 

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