Re-Hydrate more efficiently with H2Pro

Re-Hydrate more efficiently with H2Pro

Staying hydrated when training or just in day to day life is very important

H2Pro have created an effervescent, electrolyte replacement supplement, called Hydrate. What’s unique about their offering is that it is specifically tailored to the amount of sodium that you loose.  The guys at H2PRO came in and sweat tested us first before telling me what product I needed to take. The range is color coded to specify which you need.

250mg – Green Cap
Recommended as the entry level product. This level is designed to be a background hydrator for all light training for low sweat athletes.

500mg – Yellow Cap
Recommended as a background hydrator for all or for light to medium training for low to medium sweat athletes.  

1000mg – Orange Cap
Typically used as a training drink for medium sweat athletes.

1500mg – Purple Cap
A high electrolyte concentration product designed for high sweat athletes in competition or occasionally for medium sweat athletes in extreme conditions (duration, intensity, environment).

It is something I will continue to use and is now one of my gym essentials. And it is now available right Here! - James Haskell

– Entry was posted on March 2nd, 2017 by James Haskell

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