H & H Challenge

Win a one-on-one training session with James Haskell

Join the H&H Challenge. Now for your chance to win a training session with James Haskell, tickets to a Wasps game, Be An Athlete Training Gear, Beats by Dr Dre, and Three Months supply of JHHF Supplements! Discount Code: H+HChallenge

The Hades + Hella 6-Week Challenge will spark you back into action. Every week we will post on the website two HIIT sessions which we will flag up to you via social. Follow these HIIT sessions, eat clean, and watch the fat fall off you. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this sort of thing before as the sessions have been specifically designed to cater for all abilities, and can be adjusted to your fitness level. The idea of the Challenge is to boost your training and help you get the body composition results you want. You will need to keep following a low carb and high protein diet, for the month to really get the benefit out of this challenge. However please don’t worry about this as we will be posting some nutrition tips and guidelines along the way to help you.

Your Weekly HiiT Sessions

Click on one of the session's below:

HiiT Sessions available online by clicking on the links above.

Alternatively, you can download PDF versions straight to your device!

Simply click on the links below:

Session One | Session Two | Session Three

  • Step 1: Purchase either Hades or Hella using the discount code H+HChallenge from www.jameshaskell.com
  • Step 2: Follow @jameshaskellhf twitter and @jameshaskellhf instagram
  • Step 3: On delivery of product, please take a selfie with you and the product. Either top-off or top-on. It’s your day-1 progress photo. This will be the benchmark for all subsequent images.
  • Step 4: Tweet this photo to @jameshaskellhf using #hadeschallenge or #hellachallenge or tag us in, using an Instagram post.
  • Step 5: Follow our HIIT workouts and tips that will be regularly posted on www.jameshaskell.com, our twitter channel @jameshaskellhf and Instagram @jameshaskellhf
  • Step 6: Train hard, take our product as directed and remember always eat well.
  • Step 7: At the end of the 6 weeks tweet us a photo of you and either Hades/Hella showing us your results.
  • Step 8: Win your prize and carry on training to keep getting the amazing body you want.
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