We pride ourselves at JHHF on creating good content, sometimes, even great content.

We love to run competitions and challenges. As well as keeping you fully abreast about all the new product lines we are bringing on board, as well product testimonials and awards we have been nominated for and won!

Sadly as with all good things the Promotional boxes as we call them at the top of the home page can’t stay there forever.

However rather than confine them to the dustbin of history, we have decided to archive them all, so if you ever need to reference something, now you can.

Below, ordered alphabetically, are the recent promotional boxes we have created

Advent Calendar - One of the best bits about Christmas

All Change - The JHHF loyalty programme

Awards - Best Products on the Market

Challenge - Hades and Hella Challenge

Charity - Decembeard

Clothing - Dress Like A Pro

Competition - Great Santa Hat Competition

Hades & Tagaloa - Nominated for leading Industry Awards

Helpdesk - RugyFit eBook

New Offering - Fresh Foods stacks

New Product - Elite Vita Greens

New Product - BEEFit Biltong

New Training Book - Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme

Online Fitness Training - Body Network

Testimonials - Sporting Stars Reviews

The JHHF App - Gone Live

World Cancer Day

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