H2Pro - 1500mg Triple Combo

Are you rehydrating correctly and effectively?

It is absolutely key to maintain your rehydration levels whether training or not. Staying properly hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for both your sporting performance and overall health.

The critical Importance of keeping your body properly hydrated should never be underestimated. Your brain is almost 75 % water. Severe dehydration from heat or cold stress has been shown to affect mental alertness.

So drinking water is important for staying properly hydrated and will help you keep your focus. Your entire body needs water to work well. On average you need 3 to 4 litres per day (please see grey FAQ bar below).

Although we often associate staying hydrated with drinking lots of water, H20 is not always the most effective way to rehydrate when sweat output is high. The science is pretty simple. When we sweat we don’t just lose water we lose electrolytes as well and these need to be replaced.

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H2Pro offers four differing strength solutions for complete flexibility, enabling you to fine tune your requirements for additional electrolytes.

1500mg – Purple Cap

- A high electrolyte concentration product designed for high sweat athletes in competition or occasionally for medium sweat athletes in extreme conditions (duration, intensity, environment). This is for complete flexibility when you either training or competing.

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  • Ideal solution for easy and effective rehydration
  • Developed by a former elite athlete for his own personal use
  • There are 10 soluble tables per drum
  • To use - drop one tablet into a glass full of half a litre of water
  • One complete pack makes 5 litres
  • Available in four strengths to suit all requirements – Green 250mg, yellow 500mg, Orange 1000mg and Purple 1500mg
  • Even entry level product contains 2 to 3 times more electrolyte than can be found in most standard sports drinks

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Why do I need H2Pro when I regularly drink water?

Drinking water is great but if you take a lot of exercise or engage in manual labour and consequently perspire lot then water alone will not replace the electrolytes your body loses as a result. Therefore you need to replenish your magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium levels.

How much water should I be drinking a day?

Your water needs are related to how many calories you burn daily. You need about 1 ml of water for every calorie you burn. So, if you're very active and burn 3000-4000 calories per day, you would need 3-4 litres of water every day, which equates to between 13-17 cups! Surprised?

Another rule of thumb: if you exercise, weigh yourself before and after your workout. For every pound lost, drink at least 2 cups or 16 oz. of water. It's also a good idea to get 1-2 cups of fluid some 15-30 minutes before you workout.

Most people are a bit shocked when they discover how much fluid they need. Luckily, you get some fluids from foods you eat (especially fruits and veggies), and from non-caffeinated beverages (fruit juice, sports drinks, milk, vegetable juice, herbal teas). Remember caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics, and contribute to dehydration. So, whist your entire fluid intake doesn't necessarily have to come from water.

How do I know how which strength of H2Pro tablet to take?

It naturally depends on how much you perspire. H2pro is available in four strengths to suit all requirements. Although in every case you only need to use one tablet in every half a litre of water.

- Green cap tablets are 250mg strength - Entry Level - Very Low Sweat Level
- Yellow cap tablets are 500mg strength - Low to just below Medium Sweat Level
- Orange cap tablets are 1000mg strength - Above Medium Sweat Level
- Purple cap tablets are  1500mg strength - High Sweat Level

Why do I need H2Pro tablets when I can get the same replacement boost from a Sports Drink?

Even the Green 250 mg entry level product contains two to three times more electrolyte than can be found in most standard sports drinks.

Plus there is the issue with all carbohydrate sports drinks, that the calorific content is significantly higher than simply H2pro and water. So you need to be aware every time you drink one of these sports drinks that you are in fact adding unwanted calories to your intake.

What effect will it have if I select the wrong level of H2pro tablet?

If you are just taking a couple of tablets a day with water, there will be absolutely no harmful side effects. Although it is obviously better to determine the right level of tablet to suit you as soon as possible.

What happens if I don’t rehydrate properly?

Water is critical to the successful functioning of the body. It is found in every cell, tissue and organ. Maintaining proper rehydration levels improves overall health and helps ensure the body operates efficiently and avoids health conditions associated with dehydration, such as achy joints and muscles, fatigue, dizziness and dry skin. It is an interesting fact that skeletal muscle contains more water than fat per pound of tissue.

I don’t exercise so I never sweat. Why would I ever need H2Pro?

Everyone sweats at some point during a 24-hour cycle, even if you are not necessarily aware you are doing so. In addition to this, your body is continually losing water during the day from simply breathing and urinating with bodily water levels impacted by climate, activity levels, illness, medications and your nutrition. So sadly we are all in the same boat and all need to effectively rehydrate.

General guidelines for use of H2Pro Hydrate Products

1. Ensure drinks are mixed to correct level of dilution: 1 tablet per 500ml (approx.16 oz) fluid for all variants 250/500/1000 or 1500
2. ‘Background’ recommendation refers to drink for use between training sessions and when travelling
3. ‘Training’ recommendation takes into account measured sweat sodium level and is for hydrating in the periods immediately before, during and after ‘normal’ training sessions
4. ‘Competition / Hot weather’ recommendation takes into account measured sweat sodium level, sweat rate and cramping history (where relevant). It is for hydrating during periods of heavy training in hot climates or in any other conditions where sweat losses are expected to be high.
5. Pre-loading recommendation is 1500 for all athletes. Guidelines are below. Note that these guidelines will need to be refined and practiced by individuals to find the best protocols for them in different conditions and environments, taking into account size, sweat rate, normal hydration status and so on.

Recommended basis for pre-loading protocol:

Consume 500ml (16oz) to 1 litre (32oz) of the 1500mg drink in the 24 hours prior to competition day. 

This fluid should displace a similar amount of plain water or other low sodium fluids that would normally have been consumed within in the same time period, not be additional. In the build up to the game/competition consume 500-750ml (16-24oz) of the 1500mg drink.

Again this should displace a similar amount of plain water or other low sodium fluid that would previously have been consumed around this time. Aim to finish drinking this 90 min to 2 hours prior to the start time.

General hydration advice for athletes:

Listen to your body and respond to the early signs of thirst, but do not think that you have to be drinking constantly. 

Neither excessive nor very restrictive fluid intake is beneficial. Finding the right balance for you as an individual is key. If you are finding yourself urinating frequently and it is completely clear in colour you are probably drinking too much. Urinating infrequently and passing dark yellow or orange urine is a sign of inadequate fluid intake.

Address this by taking frequent sips of the recommended training or background hydration drink until any thirst signals subside and urine turns a paler colour. 

Citric Acid; Sodium Carbonate; Potassium Carbonate; Sodium Chloride; Trimagnesium citrate anhydrous; Calcium carbonate; Maltodextrine; Flavours Sweeteners; Sucrose and Sorbitol

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