Nutrition Made Simple

At JHHF we are committed to debunking and demystifying so much of the nonsense
that swirls around Nutrition. Our mission is to bring simple, clear, unequivocal advice
to as inclusive an audience as possible.

65% of the outcome of any successful training plan revolves around nutrition. Without understanding this, failing or not properly engaging with this fact, will almost certainly lead to you failing to achieve your ultimate training targets and goals.

Training and Nutrition are mutually inclusive. They are like night and day - Adam and Eve. One without the other is inconceivable and doesn’t work.

You need to understand your nutritional requirement in order to be able to correctly fuel your body to train. Otherwise it is just like filling an unleaded petrol tank with diesel instead of petrol.

Using the latest nutritional Science you need to create a plan tailored to your individual needs.

This will help you to achieve optimum nutrition, ensuring you get the most out of every training session, recover more quickly and achieve your goals faster.

In order to do this you need to understand the process, which will cover:

Need to understand your health history, training programme, performance goals, lifestyle and current dietary patterns - to identify your specific issues and potential solutions.

- Need a basic assessment of macro and micro-nutrient adequacy.

- Need to know how to optimise your training, performance and recovery through practising appropriate ‘nutrient timing’ (nutrition before, during and after exercise).

- Need to develop an appropriate hydration strategy for training to minimise the risk of either dehydration or hyponatremia.

- Need specific guidelines to ensure your diet has an optimal balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, plus adequate vitamins, minerals and fibre, to meet your individual training and performance needs.

The primary aim of getting to grips with nutrition is to optimise your fuel intake in accordance with the training regime you will be undertaking.

A dedicated nutritionist will help you to determine the right nutrients in the right quantities to ensure optimal recovery, whilst also addressing underlying nutritional issues that may affect both your performance and your long-term health.

We have come up with two brilliant solutions

The first is to have specialist, pre-cooked food delivered daily to your home or business.

Why not let the experts plan, cook and deliver daily, exactly the nutritious food you need to achieve and complete your exercise plan.

Let them create a set of bespoke meals plans, based precisely on what your body needs to fuel itself, to achieve your fitness goals. Then allow them to cook all the food for you. Delivering it daily, wherever you want it anywhere within the M25 radius, in reusable, stylish cool bags, which will keep the food chilled and fresh all day.

So to be very clear – precisely the nutritious and healthy food you need to be eating, in order to support and as a result achieve your exercise plan.

The second option still has food delivered direct to your office or home but this time in the form of basic ingredients, presented in individual easy-manage servings.

James has teamed up with specialist butcher’s Foods for Fitness to create two basic meal stacks which contains everything you need to create some special meals.

However the good news doesn’t stop there James has also teamed up with Great Britain Rowing executive chef, Omar Meziane, to create some fantastic recipes using Food for Fitness products to demonstrate just how easy it all really is.

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