Why do people like Lists of Facts so much?

Why do people like Lists of Facts so much?

There are many theories behind why people like to read lists of facts and why this literary format has become so popular. Just think Buzzfeed.

People like to know and learn things but don’t always have the time to read a book. So a neat solution to this and many other things, is always appealing.

When asked, amongst the more oft quoted reasons for liking lists are:

The feeling of becoming smarter in under a minute.

The feeling of achievement of going through something without skipping parts.

People like to know where things fall in the scheme of things.

You're curious as to whether you will actually agree with the list.

You consider reading lists as "research" even though as you well know it's not really research!

You believe if someone makes a list, the information provided is worth knowing. In our case absolutely correct.

There are other theories, such as:

 “Lists” bring order to chaos

 “Lists” help us remember things

 “Lists” can be meaningful

 “Lists” relieve stress and help focus the mind

 “Lists” help keep us from procrastinating

However whatever your reason for reading lists, we really hope James Haskell Amazing Rugby Facts will tick some of the boxes above. However don’t just take our word for it. Hear it for yourself from the great man himself.

So please enjoy!

– Entry was posted on November 6th, 2015 by James Haskell
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