The Men's Health Festive Survival Guide

The Men's Health Festive Survival Guide

The Men's Health Festive Survival Guide : MH presents an action plan to stop Christmas laying merry waste to your health.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, sure. Avoid a santa gut with merry moderation.

However  without a plan, December 25th can lay merry waste to your internal organs, waistline, psychological state, family relationships and the majority of your good-will reserves for 2017.

Seeing as it's the time for giving, MH presents your action plan for festive survival.

After all, you've been a very good boy…


When once you may have woken early – ripping into your stocking with giddy excitement – too much pre-cheer last night will likely see you semi-conscious with only the dark dawn of a hangover lurking at the bottom of the bed.

On waking, imbibe our Yuletide elixir, devised by nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert (, to cleanse your liver ahead of the day's celebrations.

Mix in a shaker with ice.
1. Pomegranate juice:  100ml Boasting triple the antioxidants of green tea, according to Agriculture and Food Chemistry, this memory-enhancer should help you with the names of distant cousins.
2. Beetroot juice:  100ml The betalain pigments in beetroot provide a liver flush, which, according to osteopathic physician Joseph Mercola, scour your system of the poisonous by-products of the night before.
3. Turmeric:  1tsp Curcuminoid compounds in turmeric have been found to provide liver- bolstering properties, which will ably assist you when it comes to processing today's drinks.
4. Black pepper: 1tsp Adding a dash increases the absorption of the active compound in turmeric by as much as 2000%, reports Planta Medica journal, so give it a kick.
Then, back to bed with you.


While relatives set the table, steal away for a quick workout that will throw a few logs on your fat-burning fire. Created by England Rugby's James Haskell, this circuit will roast the turkey and trimmings.

JUMP SQUAT: Squat down, keeping your back straight, until your thighs are parallel with the floor and your bum is about level with your knees. Explode upwards into a jump, and go straight into the next squat. Your toes should touch the floor first when you land, at the same time and parallel to each other.

JUMP LUNGES: Set yourself in a walking lunge position then explosively jump up, changing legs in midair. Land and repeat.

SHADOW BOXING: While running on the spot, throw punches up, then forward, 45sec of each. Pre-empt dinner small-talk stress with 3 sets total.


Now you're suitably pumped and/or inebriated, it's time for the main event. But staying on the right side of the cheat meal/ungodly splurge line is the key to staying energised and hilarious for the rest of the day. These are the health heroes on your table. Tuck in.

1. Turkey: Opt for skinless dark meat. White may contain fewer calories, but the US Dept of Agriculture says a darker turkey boasts a greater nutritional profile.

2. Brussels sprouts: It's the iron you're after here – a celebratory 1.4mg per 100g. Vitamin C aids its absorption, so swap that second glass of white wine for (another) Buck's Fizz.

3. Pigs in blankets: Assuming you removed bacon fat before cooking, you're left with a passable protein source. Augment your condiment selection with mustard to boost metabolism by up to 25%, according to the Oxford Polytechnic Institute.

4. Cranberry sauce: Avoid sugar overload by bringing to the boil 250g cranberries with 1tbsp honey, 100ml water and the zest of half an orange. Simmer for 10 minutes. Digestive enzymes in honey convert cranberries' sucrose into glucose. And it tastes nice.

Reproduced with kind permission from Men's Health

– Entry was posted on December 21st, 2016 by James Haskell

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