England rugby star fools 5 live phone-in

England rugby star fools 5 live phone-in

Wasps captain and England international James Haskell tells Sonja McLaughlan about the time he made it onto a 5 live phone-in as James from Coventry.

After hearing a debate about the legacy of the Rio Olympics, Haskell phoned up Nicky Campbell's Your Call to contribute but nobody recognised the England rugby star.

Haskell said: "The bloke said to me on the phone, 'what is your name' I said James Haskell. He said 'what do you do' I said I play rugby.

"Then somebody called me back and said they were going to put me on and the best thing was

Nicky said, 'we have got James from Coventry. I think you said you play a bit of rugby?' I went yes I do.

"I do not know who was more embarrassed me or him but I just wanted to make my point, maybe because I am injured and had no-one to talk to I thought I would share it with the nation."

The clip is taken from 5 live sport on Tuesday 30 August 2016 - Listen Here

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