New Video Release – Rugby Conditioning Session

New Video Release – Rugby Conditioning Session

Rugby HIIT Conditioning Session -

Click the link to watch James undergo this Hiit session he created to get a fitness top-up, without going mad. Everything is kept bodyweight until he performs a little upper body circuit at the end. 

As with all the sessions James creates, he likes to build in an element of flexibility to enable other people performing the session to be able to tailor the exercise to their own specific needs, without significantly altering the rationale behind the session.

Also it’s important for this and any other session to be adaptable so that it works with the equipment to which people have access.

For example you can use a Watt Bike instead of a Versaclimber. You just need to keep the timings and sets the same. You are always working for 30 seconds, apart from the upper body part and last finisher

– Entry was posted on September 28th, 2015 by James Haskell
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