VIBRAM FIVE FINGERS SHOES  – The Closest Thing to Nature for Your Feet

VIBRAM FIVE FINGERS SHOES – The Closest Thing to Nature for Your Feet

So why run virtually bare foot? Very interestingly many leading international scientists, biomechanics experts, and running coaches are all as one, in agreement that being barefoot is the healthiest way to be.

When walking barefoot, we walk correctly. This means landing softly on the heel and using the power in your toes to push off. When we walk this way we tone muscles, increase sensory perception, improve posture and strengthen core.

 Strengthens the muscles in your feet.

 Realigns your natural posture.

 Feeling the ground stimulates sensory perception.

 Flexes your feet as nature designed.

The main characteristic of this extraordinary shoe is its sole, which incorporates five individual fingers, made from Vibram® rubber, which being as flexible as an actual glove, helps the natural articulation of the foot, whilst at the same time stimulating the muscles of the lower limbs

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