Jimbags - Now Available on JHHF!

Jimbags - Now Available on JHHF!

Jim Bag only specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing great bags. They have a focus without distraction.

They know where their strength lies and that is in producing high quality, stylish bags – and bags only.

They constantly strive to innovate by refining their existing product offering. Adding new fabrics into the mix, as well as developing new constructions techniques, with the ambition of always adding wider variety to the range.

Jim Bag sits in a unique position in the market. Neatly positioned between the traditional sports bag and the more stylish holdall. Jim Bag is uniquely positioned between function and fashion.

Every bag Jim Bag creates needs to meet each one of these exacting bench marks, grouped under two core goals - Functionality and Aspiration.













– Entry was posted on February 23rd, 2017 by James Haskell

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