James' Job Interview Highlights with Special Guests

James' Job Interview Highlights with Special Guests

I am very lucky with the job I do for a living, in so as far as I can usually entice various fitness, sporting and celeb legends onto the James Haskell Health & Fitness sofa, with the intention of trying to squeeze every last drop of knowledge from them to enable my loyal followers to achieve the bodies, results and basic information they need to realize their ambitions and goals.

Well that’s usually the serious reason behind why we invite them in. However once locked into the studio, I am afraid they are just not allowed to refuse to take part in some of our more silly activities.

A show my brother dreamed up was “James’ Job Interview”. This is where we put our guest on the spot and into a really uncomfortable job interview situation, where they need to convince me as to their suitability for a job in Haskell enterprises.

After all its one of the most sort after jobs going. Of course the questions are pretty wacky and it’s all meant to be a bit of fun.

We have featured a number of these videos on JHTV already, but in the time – honoured fashion of the good old Beeb, I decided to create a special highlight reel to showcase some of the best bits from:

I hope you enjoy the results.

Please let us know what you think as the JHHF community is really important to us.

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– Entry was posted on November 6th, 2015 by James Haskell
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