James Haskell set to play first ever gig at Ministry of Sound on 11th December with SubBass

James Haskell set to play first ever gig at Ministry of Sound on 11th December with SubBass

Well-known England Rugby player and SubBass Academy of Electronic Music DJ student, James Haskell is set to play his first ever gig at the world-famous club Ministry of Sound on 11th December with SubBass.

James has been studying at here at SubBass Academy of Electronic Music for 3 months on their popular DJ Complete Course, which he has recently finished.

James came to SubBass as a total beginner but over the three months he has learnt all the techniques and tricks of the trade to become a confident DJ, skills he’ll be showcasing when SubBass takeover the second biggest room in Ministry of Sound - the 103, supporting Benny Bennassi.

SubBass Academy of Electronic Music runs a club night at Ministry of Sound where current and past DJ and Music Production students get the chance to launch their music careers.

SubBass has been running this night at Ministry for over 6 years now, giving hundreds of DJs the chance to play at one of the most well-known and respected clubs, supporting the world’s biggest DJs, rare opportunity for most.

Event details:

Venue: Ministry of Sound
Date: 11th December 2105
Doors open: 10.30pm
Headliner: Benny Bennassi
SubBass DJs: Graeme Lloyd, James Haskell, Viktor Bondar, Grant Dee, Lisa Heart, Phil Cusack, Tom Lamburne,  Absolute Zero,  Magefire, Invinta, Alex Rose, Rush, and Anna Mycka.
Buy tickets: http://www.ministryofsound.com/club#qgwKtdmG1AxX2S0g.97 or https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-gallery-benny-benassi-tickets-19421908451?access=SubBass
Website: https://www.subbassdj.com/blog/james-haskell-djs-ministry-of-sound 

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