How do you travel to work?

How do you travel to work?

James Haskell may not have got on the field yet this season, but Wasps' former skipper has still been a regular at the club's temporary Broadstreet home while working on his rehab.

The giant flanker, who was named as England's player-of-the-year in 2016, is expected to make his return from a hideous toe injury, which required reconstructive surgery, early in January.

In the meantime, he has kept himself and his teammates entertained with his own distinctive brand of humour, and even they were startled by his latest escapade.

Like many Wasps, the England No.6 usually drives a vehicle manufactured by club sponsors Range Rover, but he recently swapped this for something with less speed and a little more size!

This led to him arriving for training at Broadstreet one morning in a JCB Fasttrac 8000  as his video revealed.

Foot Note for all Tractor Fans

JCB has been building the unique Fastrac since 1991. The result of 25 years of innovation, the current range is the most productive, most versatile, most comfortable and safest series of tractors on the market.

The Fastrac is unique in offering full front and rear suspension for unparalleled ride, comfort and traction. External disc brakes offer excellent heat dissipation and far greater performance than the oil-immersed systems found on conventional tractors, while JCB tractors’ unique full chassis construction is designed for strength, stability and load carrying ability. Our centre-mounted cab reduces any jolts and helps to achieve near-50/50 weight distribution, making the operator more comfortable and more productive.

The bottom line for you is a pure and simple performance advantage. Fastracs can travel smoothly and safely in the field and between fields on the roads– at up to 50 mph where laws allow. 

– Entry was posted on January 3rd, 2017 by James Haskell

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