We are here to help and answer your questions about anything rugby, fitness, training or nutrition. You can even try your luck asking James something personal. Although we can’t always guarantee he will answer this last lot!

You CAN email James your question directly at questions@jameshaskell.com.

You can ask a product or general question via a product page on the site, using the Customer Questions tab within the grey bar section or ask James a question using the #ASKHASK hash tag, over any of our social media channels. He will always endeavour to answer every question in person and in a timely fashion but please do be patient as he gets a LOT of mail.

Twitter @jameshaskellhf / Instagram : @jameshaskellhf

If the question is topical and has a general appeal and common interest value, then we will post - it up into one of the four Q&A sections on the site.

Sometimes James has time to do a live Questions and Answer session on the sofa. View below to watch an #ASKHASK show.

Plus if your question is one of the lucky ones selected for the #ASKHASK show. Then aside from having your questions broadcast to thousands, you also qualify for JHHF Rewards points.

– Entry was posted on November 5th, 2015 by James Haskell
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