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  1. James' Favourite (and least favourite) Foods

    James' Favourite (and least favourite) Foods

    So what is James ideal afternoon tea? His favourite crisps? What would his last meal on this earth be? And his worst dish ever tasted?

    So we have found out that James' dark secret is that he and Chloe are lovers of Mac and Cheese. If you missed that Click Here! Today we find out more of his loves and hates in the food world..

    Ideal Afternoon Tea? Must have 'a substantial variety' of finger sandwiches. None of this cucumber 'nonsense. Smoked salmon, coronation chicken and a 'classic' ham and cheese. Warm scones with clotted cream and jam. Then a tower of assorted cakes of course!

    Speaking of cake, James' favourite cake is another classic; Victoria sponge. When he was younger after a bad day at Wasps he would buy a whole cake and eat the entire thing to cheer himself up! Don't believe me? Check out the video Here to get it straight from the horses mouth. 

    Now for the worst dish, for most of us this would probably be beetroot, artichokes, sprouts or similar. James takes it to the next level. The worst dish he has ever had? Cod sperm. Yes 'actual fish sperm'.  Looks and tastes much as you'd expect he says 'A bowl of semen, which may or may not have belonged to a fish'. This was while he was playing in Japan for the 2011-2012 season. Check out the Video Here.

    There are more videos with James telling us his favourite crisps, what his last meal would be on death row, and what he would eat if stuck on a desert island. Check them all out Here!

    – Entry was posted on January 20th, 2017 by Admin
  2. Who the hell needs yet another brand of jeans???!!

    Who the hell needs yet another brand of jeans???!!

    I was of the exact same opinion till I got sent a pair of Olympvs jeans to try.

    I have to say I think they are pretty amazing in terms of quality. Fit and the price. In truth, at just £85 a pair, they make a complete mockery of the £245 pair I bought just before Christmas

    In terms of all the clothes we either produce ourselves at JHHF or third party endorse, we are always on a mission to make the ultimate, comfortable and stylish clothing for athletes. I believe we’ve achieved this with these jeans and matching T- shirt.

    Fit for the fittest: They are made to fit the athlete’s shape, they are larger in the thigh and slimmer in the waist. No more ‘sizing up’ in the waist to fit big quads.

    Stretch your limits: They are made from a cutting edge Hyper-stretch denim which has an insane amount of stretch, combined with the durability to keep their shape whatever is thrown at them.

    Made in Italy: The jeans are individually appraised and hand finished in the pursuit of optimum performance. This extra care ensures there is rarely a wrong stitch or loose thread.

    Clothes to be proud of: They are made with a fair wage and all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

    Feedback on the product has been overwhelmingly positive, especially about the fabric which is ridiculously comfortable.

    The proof however is always in the actual testing which is why we are offering a crazy 20% off discount to what is already a ludicrously low price.

    Watch the video below and make your own mind up. You won’t regret switching to Olympvs.

    – Entry was posted on January 20th, 2017 by Admin
  3. James' Food Guilty Secrets..

    James' Food Guilty Secrets..

    Pork pies, pizza, mac and cheese, custard tarts, pancakes.. What else does James Haskell secretly love to eat?

    James recently revealed what it is he really enjoys eating, pre-match, post-match match, and on 'car picnics'.

    Now for the rest of us, a picnic probably consists of a sandwich, bag of crisps and a drink. Not for James! His typical 'car picnic' has to have; the crudités, hummus, cocktail sausages, pork pies, chicken, cold meats, custard tarts.. His latest picnic was a whopping 1800 calories! Want to know which item he blames for the excess calories? Check out the Video Here.

    Pre match James has porridge and scrambled eggs for breakfast, then a few hours before the match his current favourite choice is salmon pancakes and broccoli. James needs to maintain a steady intake of 3,750 calories per day!! (Guess those large car picnics are making a bit more sense..) Watch the Video Here.

    Post match he and Chloe like to treat themselves to a pizza and jalapeno poppers. Dominos used to be their place of choice, but on the recommendation of Alex Reid they now only use Papa John's.

    James has also admitted that Mac and Cheese is his and Chloe's 'dark secret'. Most of the time he is obviously on a strict diet and has to watch exactly what he is eating, but every now and then they enjoy a guilty pleasure.
    Check out This Video to see James and Chloe making Mac and Cheese with Devonshire Club's head chef William Best. You can also find the recipe here to enjoy a Mac and Cheese that is (in James' own words:) "so good I dribbled!"

    Want to know what else James is eating? His favourite crisps? His idea afternoon tea? Or the worst dish he has ever had?
    Check back on Friday for more videos!

    – Entry was posted on January 18th, 2017 by Admin
  4. How do you travel to work?

    How do you travel to work?

    James Haskell may not have got on the field yet this season, but Wasps' former skipper has still been a regular at the club's temporary Broadstreet home while working on his rehab.

    The giant flanker, who was named as England's player-of-the-year in 2016, is expected to make his return from a hideous toe injury, which required reconstructive surgery, early in January.

    In the meantime, he has kept himself and his teammates entertained with his own distinctive brand of humour, and even they were startled by his latest escapade.

    Like many Wasps, the England No.6 usually drives a vehicle manufactured by club sponsors Range Rover, but he recently swapped this for something with less speed and a little more size!

    This led to him arriving for training at Broadstreet one morning in a JCB Fasttrac 8000  as his video revealed.

    Foot Note for all Tractor Fans

    JCB has been building the unique Fastrac since 1991. The result of 25 years of innovation, the current range is the most productive, most versatile, most comfortable and safest series of tractors on the market.

    The Fastrac is unique in offering full front and rear suspension for unparalleled ride, comfort and traction. External disc brakes offer excellent heat dissipation and far greater performance than the oil-immersed systems found on conventional tractors, while JCB tractors’ unique full chassis construction is designed for strength, stability and load carrying ability. Our centre-mounted cab reduces any jolts and helps to achieve near-50/50 weight distribution, making the operator more comfortable and more productive.

    The bottom line for you is a pure and simple performance advantage. Fastracs can travel smoothly and safely in the field and between fields on the roads– at up to 50 mph where laws allow. 

    – Entry was posted on January 3rd, 2017 by James Haskell
  5. Budgy Smugglers Now Available! New JH Bespoke product

    Budgy Smugglers Now Available! New JH Bespoke product

    Budgy Smugglers are the pair of swimmers you always wanted but never had the chance, until NOW, to buy.

    Budgy Smuggler is Australian for “bloke’s swimwear”

    Although, they are more than just a pair of swimming trunks. They are what every stylish rugby player is wearing beneath his shorts to control his tackle. Controlling the tackle area as you know, being a key component of the modern game!!

    Plus if the unthinkable happens in the heat of the game and you lose your playing shorts. Thanks to your stylish set of smugglers you can rest assured, everyone including the ref, will be gazing in awe!  

    Plus for those more money conscious than the rest of us, it’s the perfect year around purchase – Play Rugby in the winter and swim in the summer!  

    Having first been introduced to Budgy Smugglers down-under. James hasn’t looked back. In fact he became so enthused about the brand he commissioned his own exclusive range for sale in the UK.

    So now thanks to his innate fashion design sense you can Dress like a Pro as well as Train like a Pro.

    The material is silky smooth and the next best thing to being naked. The special smuggler fabric will keep you looked in place as well as being highly durable.

    All budgy smugglers are 100% Australian made in our factory in Sydney with the top quality Australian fabric. We understand when it comes to smuggling your budgy, there can be no compromise on quality.

    Please check out the size guide before ordering. Take your pick from three exclusive designs across four great colourways.

    Sizes Available 32/34/36/38/40

    Available in White/Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Pink, White/Orange

    – Entry was posted on December 9th, 2016 by James Haskell
  6. RFU Event: Learn to Train Like a Pro

    RFU Event: Learn to Train Like a Pro

    Unique opportunity to hear James Haskell speak in the inner sanctum of the England Home Dressing Room at Twickenham Stadium

    James, has played 70 times for his country. He was named Man of the Series against Australia on the summer tour.

    James is as much at home speaking as he is on the rugby field. Amongst many other topics, he will be talking about his critically acclaimed and very successful new rugby, general training and fitness book. As well as his experiences on which the book is based, as a result of having played in all four of the top domestic leagues in World rugby, being the only current British Isles International to have done so.

    The talk will take place in the unique setting of the England Rugby dressing room.

    The evening will start with an introduction from James highlighting his rugby career and travelling experiences. He will then answer questions on rugby, fitness, nutrition and more from the audience. Then follows a book signing and photo opportunity

    The ticket includes:

    - A copy of James' award winning book

    - A drink on arrival in the Twickenham Tunnel

    - £20.00 Rugby Store gift card

    The Rugby Store will be open after the event with James on hand to sign additional books and other merchandise.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear James speak as well as see inside the England home dressing room. An opportunity normally reserved for the very lucky few.

    Tickets are £70 each and can be purchased Here.


    – Entry was posted on December 1st, 2016 by James Haskell
  7. Trio of Rugby Celebrities at Madejski Sports Stadium Raises over £20,000 for Charity

    Trio of Rugby Celebrities at Madejski Sports Stadium Raises over £20,000 for Charity

    Current England rugby star James Haskell joined former England rugby captain and World Cup winner Mike Tindall together with ex-Wales captain, Ryan James, for a sports dinner at the Madejski Stadium’s Royal Berkshire Conference Centre.

    More than £10,000 was raised on the night for Dementia UK, a sum matched by Berkshire house builder, David Wilson Homes Southern, making a fantastic total of £20,000.

    Paul Crispin, managing director at David Wilson Homes Southern said: “Dementia UK was chosen as our charity of the year in January and since then we have been working to raise funds for this great cause. The main event of all our fund raising efforts being this charity dinner tonight.”

    – Entry was posted on November 21st, 2016 by James Haskell
  8. Support the BBC in The Midlands' Children In Need Appeal: Tandem Tour

    Support the BBC in The Midlands' Children In Need Appeal: Tandem Tour

    BBC in The Midlands' Children In Need Tandem Tour: The BBC in The Midlands is set to embark on a 250 mile Tandem Tour today, with Birmingham's gay village included as one of it's final destinations.

    The Tandem Tour will see BBC WM's Richie Anderson travel fifty miles a day over five days raising money for BBC Children In Need.

    Joining Richie throughout the week will be X Factor star Louisa Johnson, Citizen Khan, England rugby player James Haskell, actor Neil Morrisey, Coronation Street legends Jim McDonald and Curly Watts, Olympic gold medallist Joe Clarke and Midlands Today's Nick Owen, Mary Rhodes and Rebecca Wood.

    If you'd like to support Richie along his 250 mile route, he will be passing through the city's gay village on Friday afternoon, 18th November at approximately 2pm, before heading to his final destination at The Bullring.

    250 mile Tandem Ride for Pudsey

    BBC WM’s Richie Anderson is doing his thing for Children in Need and tackling the roads of the West Midlands…on a Tandem.

    He’ll be joined by a host of special guests on the back of his Tandem as he embarks on a 250 mile tour of the five BBC Local Radio stations.

    You can follow his tears, tantrums and triumphs on BBC WM and BBC Midlands Today.

    Day 1 - Birmingham to Stoke

    Day 2 - Stoke to Shrewsbury

    Day 3 - Shrewsbury to Worcester

    Day 4 - Worcester to Coventry

    Day 5 - Coventry to Birmingham and then onto the Black Country living museum

    We asked Richie "Why are you doing this", here is what he said:

    "I'm really nervous as I've never taken on a challenge like this before.

    "For regular cyclists 50 miles in a day is tough but doable, I'm a novice and I have to do it for five days in a row.

    "I've seen the route and there are some huge hills between Shrewsbury and Worcester plus I've got the open spaces of Cannock Chase to deal with in the wind.

    "But, I've spent the last two weeks visiting projects that BBC Children In Need support and through the really hard times and tough days I need to remind myself why I'm doing this"

    "BBC Children in Need do so much and help so many children I need to do my bit."

    Click to follow Richie's progress throughout the week on:





    – Entry was posted on November 16th, 2016 by James Haskell
  9. Free Signed Poster!

    Free Signed Poster!

    Receive a free high quality print, A3 signed poster of James with every copy of the RugbyFit book ordered.

    To celebrate Wasps incredible start to the season and James being selected for the England squad, we are giving away with every copy of his award winning bound book – Introduction to becoming and remaining Rugbyfit a unique, limited edition A3 poster signed by James.

    All you have to do is to order the book online from in the normal way and you will automatically receive the free signed poster

    – Entry was posted on October 3rd, 2016 by James Haskell
  10. Remember This  Image?

    Remember This Image?

    It was early summer when James was snapped in his patriotic Budgy Smugglers on the beach in Ibiza.

    The image went viral, with so many people reaching out to James across Social about his natty attire and demanding to know where Budgy Smugglers could be obtained. As quite frankly who wouldn’t want to be seen out and about in such a great pair of trunks??!

    Digging a little deeper, it transpires these fantastic garments are also extensively used as undergarments when playing rugby in Australia because as the name suggests not only do they safely contain a player’s valuable assets and key skill set! They are also incredibly comfortable, easy care and practical not to mention extremely smart and a great conversation piece!

    Since the “picture” went global James has been hard at work with the Aussie Company who have developed the Budgy Smuggler brand from its traditional surf wear roots, into the must-have “smuggling” phenomonem it has become today.

    They have given James the opportunity to create his own unique range of Smuggler designed pants, which will grace both the beach and the changing room in equal measure, ensuing your assets are always showcased in the best possible light, wherever you may be.

    James is bringing Budgy Smugglers to the UK and into the world of Rugby.

    So is this Eddie Jones secret Aussie ingredient, which has transformed the England team? We couldn’t possibly comment.

    The range will be launching in about three weeks and we will be offering pairs of thee great trunks as prizes in various competitions, as well as inviting all to participate in a grand naming competition.

    You will also shortly be able to pre-order to secure your choice of unique James Haskell Budgy Smuggler designs as we anticipate these will become the must have accessory for all smart Rugby players.

    So please watch this space.

    – Entry was posted on September 29th, 2016 by James Haskell

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