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  1. RugbyFit book comes in an ebook with videos!

    RugbyFit book comes in an ebook with videos!

    Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit Video eBook - perfect for those abroad!

    Our hardcopy rugby book has been flying out the door which is great news, and we are getting loads of requests to send it global!

    We have created and ebook version which also comes with bonus videos.

    These videos cover off drills and technique tips for training that you don't get with your hard copy version. If you live in Brazil then you get a copy of our book with one click.

    For more information Click Here to find out more about what you get with your ebook.

    We also have the JHHF app which you can use to view the ebook and the bonus videos.


    – Entry was posted on May 19th, 2017 by James Haskell
  2. Discount on the V-Neck Tee on Men's and Women's style!

    Discount on the V-Neck Tee on Men's and Women's style!

    10% OFFER on All V-Neck T-Shirts!

    Enjoy 10% both Men's and Women's V-Neck T-Shirts until Sunday!


    These t-shirts are subtly branded to the nape of the neck with the JHHF and are available in white, grey and black. These are great for the gym and any other workout, but also just for lounging around the house.

    These t-shirts are primarily cotton making then breathable and comfortable, with elastane to ensure they stretch with your every movement.

    James has given his seal of approval on all the clothes available on the JHHF website and you'll have seen him wearing these very items in pictures and videos across social media channels.

    Order Now to take full advantage of our weekend only automatic 10% discount applied at checkout!

    – Entry was posted on March 31st, 2017 by James Haskell
  3. RugbyFit Book Now Available on KOBO

    RugbyFit Book Now Available on KOBO

    Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit is now available on the KOBO app!

    Kobo has over 5 million titles! Their library is huge and it’s always growing. From today’s bestsellers to yesterday’s classics–and everything in between. Sounds overwhelming, but with the help of our on-staff Booklovers, we’ve curated them all into lists you can browse with ease.

    And now you can purchase your copy of James' Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit with KOBO.

    To view the book on KOBO Click Here.

    And watch this space as soon the book will also be available in the Kindle and iBook stores!

    – Entry was posted on March 22nd, 2017 by James Haskell
  4. 10% off the Classic Tee!

    10% off the Classic Tee!

    Classic Tee 10% off this weekend Only!

    We will soon be expanding our clothing range due to popular demand!

    We already offer items for both men and women including vest tops, crop tops leggings and shorts. But our unisex Classic Tees always fly off the selves!

    For this weekend only we are offering the stylish Classic Tee with an automatic 10% discount when you check out!

    The Classic Tee comes in 4 different colours and is made from a breathable cotton which makes them great for the gym or just lounging about the house!

    Remember these clothes not only have the seal of approval from James they also carry his name. So quality and value for money is always at the forefront!

    – Entry was posted on March 17th, 2017 by James Haskell


    It is so important to maintain optimal hydration levels.

    H2Prohydration tablets help you maintain these levels by replenishing key electrolytes you lose through sweat in day to day life, but especially during a workout.

    Drinking water is great but if you take a lot of exercise or engage in manual labour and consequently perspire lot then water alone will not replace the electrolytes your body loses as a result. Therefore you need to replenish your magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium levels.

    All you have to do is add a tablet to your water to drink before, during and after training. There are different strengths depending on your needs.

    Calculate your water needs using this handy hydration calculator.

    H2pro is available in four strengths to suit all requirements. Although in every case you only need to use one tablet in every half a litre of water

    Green cap tablets are 250mg strength – Entry Level - Very Low Sweat Level

    Yellow cap tablets are 500mg strength - Low to just below Medium Sweat Level

    Orange cap tablets are 1000mg strength – Above Medium Sweat Level

    Purple cap tablets are 1500mg strength – High Sweat Level

    Order now to take full advantage of our weekend only automatic 10% discount. Plus if you are really canny, you will enjoy the discount on our double and triple combo offers, saving both money as well as ensuring you remain healthy.   

    – Entry was posted on March 10th, 2017 by James Haskell
  6. James takes on a Mastermind Quiz - On Himself!

    James takes on a Mastermind Quiz - On Himself!

    So how well do you think James knows himself?

    Turns out not that well!

    Watch him (try) to answer questions asked on himself and his rugby career.

    Put yourself to the test and see if you know James better than he knows himself!

    For more videos like this follow our JHTV channel or follow us using the below links:

    – Entry was posted on March 8th, 2017 by James Haskell
  7. Jimbags - Now Available on JHHF!

    Jimbags - Now Available on JHHF!

    Jim Bag only specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing great bags. They have a focus without distraction.

    They know where their strength lies and that is in producing high quality, stylish bags – and bags only.

    They constantly strive to innovate by refining their existing product offering. Adding new fabrics into the mix, as well as developing new constructions techniques, with the ambition of always adding wider variety to the range.

    Jim Bag sits in a unique position in the market. Neatly positioned between the traditional sports bag and the more stylish holdall. Jim Bag is uniquely positioned between function and fashion.

    Every bag Jim Bag creates needs to meet each one of these exacting bench marks, grouped under two core goals - Functionality and Aspiration.













    – Entry was posted on February 23rd, 2017 by James Haskell
  8. How James Haskell Became England’s Hardest Hitter

    How James Haskell Became England’s Hardest Hitter

    Our March Men’s Health cover man talks training, macros, dumper trucks and, obviously, a bit of banter

    James Haskell, the elite rugby player, entrepreneur, author, presenter, DJ, barista, social media firebrand and, er, dumper truck enthusiast leads from the front, in the best shape of his life.

    The March issue is packed with more hard-hitting talent — think muscle-building hacks, clean food for dirty appetites, kicking work stress into touch, tips to hotwire your metabolism and much more — than the entirety of the Six Nations.

    To give you the first-touch of our meaty March issue, we assembled the best quotes from Haskell - one of rugby's hottest prospects.

    Haskell on...meeting his fans "Not long ago, a guy walked up to me in the street. He goes: ‘You're James Haskell. I used to think you were a right dick. But you played really well on that Australia tour. So now I think you're alright!' I mean, what am I supposed to do with that?"

    On...lifting for improvement "I hate not playing. When I wasn't selected for England U16s, I was gutted. My dad told me I could either give up, or come back stronger the following year. I asked a family friend for some advice on lifting weights and I haven't looked back."

    On...matching his diet with his training "The amount of training I do each day, on top of all this running around, means I need to be taking in about four-and-a-half thousand calories a day, just to maintain my weight. So, yeah, I eat the right stuff. But sometimes, I just really need to eat."

    On...his work ethic "If it can get me back to playing 2-3% better then I would be a fool to ignore [new training methods]. I've made it my business to cherry-pick valuable information from other sports and things like this. If you don't give them a try you don't know. The only people who know everything are in the graveyard."

    On...staying grounded "It's like meditation...My days are so full-on that it's nice to just concentrate on a proper job for a bit – fill it up, drive it round, empty it. If nobody had told me to stop, I'd have been there all night."

    – Entry was posted on February 1st, 2017 by James Haskell
  9. James' Favourite (and least favourite) Foods

    James' Favourite (and least favourite) Foods

    So what is James ideal afternoon tea? His favourite crisps? What would his last meal on this earth be? And his worst dish ever tasted?

    So we have found out that James' dark secret is that he and Chloe are lovers of Mac and Cheese. If you missed that Click Here! Today we find out more of his loves and hates in the food world..

    Ideal Afternoon Tea? Must have 'a substantial variety' of finger sandwiches. None of this cucumber 'nonsense. Smoked salmon, coronation chicken and a 'classic' ham and cheese. Warm scones with clotted cream and jam. Then a tower of assorted cakes of course!

    Speaking of cake, James' favourite cake is another classic; Victoria sponge. When he was younger after a bad day at Wasps he would buy a whole cake and eat the entire thing to cheer himself up! Don't believe me? Check out the video Here to get it straight from the horses mouth. 

    Now for the worst dish, for most of us this would probably be beetroot, artichokes, sprouts or similar. James takes it to the next level. The worst dish he has ever had? Cod sperm. Yes 'actual fish sperm'.  Looks and tastes much as you'd expect he says 'A bowl of semen, which may or may not have belonged to a fish'. This was while he was playing in Japan for the 2011-2012 season. Check out the Video Here.

    There are more videos with James telling us his favourite crisps, what his last meal would be on death row, and what he would eat if stuck on a desert island. Check them all out Here!

    – Entry was posted on January 20th, 2017 by Admin
  10. Who the hell needs yet another brand of jeans???!!

    Who the hell needs yet another brand of jeans???!!

    I was of the exact same opinion till I got sent a pair of Olympvs jeans to try.

    I have to say I think they are pretty amazing in terms of quality. Fit and the price. In truth, at just £85 a pair, they make a complete mockery of the £245 pair I bought just before Christmas

    In terms of all the clothes we either produce ourselves at JHHF or third party endorse, we are always on a mission to make the ultimate, comfortable and stylish clothing for athletes. I believe we’ve achieved this with these jeans and matching T- shirt.

    Fit for the fittest: They are made to fit the athlete’s shape, they are larger in the thigh and slimmer in the waist. No more ‘sizing up’ in the waist to fit big quads.

    Stretch your limits: They are made from a cutting edge Hyper-stretch denim which has an insane amount of stretch, combined with the durability to keep their shape whatever is thrown at them.

    Made in Italy: The jeans are individually appraised and hand finished in the pursuit of optimum performance. This extra care ensures there is rarely a wrong stitch or loose thread.

    Clothes to be proud of: They are made with a fair wage and all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

    Feedback on the product has been overwhelmingly positive, especially about the fabric which is ridiculously comfortable.

    The proof however is always in the actual testing which is why we are offering a crazy 20% off discount to what is already a ludicrously low price.

    Watch the video below and make your own mind up. You won’t regret switching to Olympvs.

    – Entry was posted on January 20th, 2017 by Admin

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