Safety in numbers as long as you perform for long enough

Safety in numbers as long as you perform for long enough

Feel good about carving out a half hour of gym time a day? A study recently published in the journal Circulation this week suggests that your 30-minute routine on the treadmill might not be doing as much good as you think.

Researchers have discovered that whilst a half-hour daily workout did certainly decrease the risk of heart disease to a degree, they equally discovered that exercising for twice as long, namely an hour or even four times as long, if you have the time and energy to spend two-hours in the gym and/or on a treadmill, significantly lowered the risk of having a heart attack by between twenty to thirty five percentage points.

The findings suggest the longer you sweat with your heart rate up, the healthier your heart becomes.

Of course, if you can't commit to a two-hour gym session every day, experts recommend engage in a session of high-interval intensity training [HIIT] in small bursts to make up the difference.

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