Now you can have the Body you want - The Complete Solution

Now you can have the Body you want - The Complete Solution

Its arrived!

JHHF’s amazing new 12 week Lean Gains Training EBook!

This book contains all the information, guidance and help you need to put on lean muscle and size.

It has been written for both women and men and is guaranteed to deliver the results you have always wanted, providing you closely follow the plan. The Leans Gains package is designed for increasing strength and muscle mass, whilst reducing body fat levels.

However where we are justified in calling our Book, The Complete Solution, is unlike most other packages of this nature, ours comes complete with not one but two comprehensive Nutrition solutions. As we understand that 65% of any successful training package revolves around the correct inclusion, use and understanding of nutrition.

The package comes in a number of formats and options designed to suit your lifestyle and budget:

  • - Comprehensive lean muscle guide with individual 12-week training programmes

  • - Guide includes - when to train, what to train and how to train

  • - Weekly and monthly training information

  • - Full information on creating your own nutrition programme and what supplements to take

  • - Suggested meals and Macro breakdowns.

  • - How to track your results and the best ways of doing it.

– Entry was posted on December 29th, 2015 by James Haskell
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