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  1. How to do the Perfect Squat

    How to do the Perfect Squat

    Want to know how to perform the perfect squat?

    Watch the video below for the best technique to make the most out of your squats.

    James talks you through key things to remember and then shows you the best way to perform the perfect squat.

    Did you like these handy tips? Check out more videos on technique for other workouts on our YouTUbe channel Here!

    – Entry was posted on May 15th, 2017 by James Haskell
  2. Fat Burning Workout for Women

    Fat Burning Workout for Women

    Fat Burning Circuit for Women

    Check out this video with James taking Clemmie Moodie from the Daily Mirror through a HIIT session, with cardio, bodyweight and muscle building.

    Great workout suitable for women looking to burn fat and get into shape!

    See below for details on the workout:


    20 second - Lunges
    20 second - Assault Bike 
    20 second - Burpees

    Rest 1 minute
    Eepeat x5

    3 minutes rest

    10 reps - Single Arm Rows each side
    10 reps - Romanian Deadlift 
    20 seconds - Medball Ninjas
    20 second - Kettle Bell Swings
    10 reps - Straight Bar Curls 

    Rest 1 minunte
    Repeat x 3

    – Entry was posted on May 4th, 2017 by James Haskell
  3. Day 1 – Return To Training – Follow my Journey

    Day 1 – Return To Training – Follow my Journey

    I am undertaking the Challenge as below. If you fancy transforming yourself at the same time as me? Try my new 12 week Lean Gains Muscle guide -

    It’s been 4 long and I do mean long weeks since my operation and thank the lord, I am finally now allowed to start to train gain albeit very carefully!!

    This is great news on all fronts. I didn't realize how much I missed the training, until I got into the gym today.  My mood was changed instantly.

    If you are ever stressed or frustrated, and then go and do some exercise, it's a panacea to most problems. It clears the mind, allowing you to focus which in turns starts to generate the solutions to the problems. I digress however!

    The reason behind the delay back to training is I have had to wait to have the stitches out and for the wound to fully “heal” before I was allowed to train. I say heal not mend as that’s still another 12/16 weeks or so. I remain on crutches and will be for another 8 weeks, so any little victories are to be really enjoyed.

    The down side to this return to training is now I have to get everything in order; by this I mean nutrition, recovery and focus. I have positioned this injury in my mind’s eye as having real positive connotations. Something I can use to my advantage instead of viewing it as a setback.

    The idea is to come back fitter, more mobile and powerful. I have enjoyed my down time and allowed myself to put on weight and sadly not good weight at that. However in the recovery and tissue repair period, eating carbs is really important, as is looking after your immune system. So eating more fruit than usual or more carbs is in general a positive.

    I have been relatively relaxed about my diet, but have kept an eye on my calories through the app My Fitness pal. When I say I have, I mean I have been filling it in, but my wonderful girl friend has gone above and beyond in the preparation.

    I have been very sedentary for the last 4 weeks so was trying to maintain my muscle mass without gaining too much unwanted fat. I was sticking to around 3000 calories per day. (This is not a recommendation to you to follow, as everyone is different. You starting eating 3000 calories you could balloon into a beach ball with a face)

    This being said, I very rarely get time off and have not really had much rest in the last 14 years. So while I watched my calories, I decided if I wanted to eat something I would.

    The rationale behind this is there is going to be enough strict dieting and hard training to last a lifetime in the next 4 months. So enjoy it while you can was my thinking. Although as with everything within reason of course!

    I wanted followers of James Haskell Health & Fitness to be able to track my journey from the start of my rehab, all the way to when I play again.

    I’ve already posted a couple of videos which you will find on my Facebook page or my YouTube channel This gives you and idea what I have been doing and what has been happening to me.



    I will also be doing a series of written blogs and posts on my website just like this one.

    My Starting Point!

    This is what I look like today the 20th August.

    This is a big day for me, as I would never normally post a photo of myself out of shape. This is of course always inevitably due to reasons of vanity.

    It's a good example of why social media is so dangerous; never believe the photos people post, or the lives they pretend to live. However that is story for another day and several dozen blogs!

    What am I doing?

    Before I go into exactly what I am doing at the moment, it’s important to note that I always recommend the best way to track your progress is by using photos. There are some rules to doing this. It is very important to always do it in the same area, location, and the same time of day and ideally in the same clothes or at least style of clothes. Don’t wear a burka for the start or end shots for example!!

    You can of course weigh yourself. However I am not really trying to lose weight. Instead my focus is on reducing my body fat (clearly when I reduce my fat, my weight will fluctuate) and crucially for me to build back-up the wasted muscle.

    My Stats as of day one

    Weight = 121kg

    Bodyfat = 13%

    Marcos wise I am doing the following (This will change as the training intensifies) 2g protein per kg, 1-gram carbs, 1 gram fat for now.

    I am then dividing this into 4 meals, which I am trying to have 3 – 4 hours apart. However this is not vital, it’s just a rough guide to stick to.

    While I am comfortable with following my own nutrition plan, I wanted to hook up with someone to take things to the next level. For most people you don't need to go to these heights, but for professional sports people it’s very beneficial.

    I am always keen to really push myself to ensure I can get the best out of what I am doing. However the key is not to over complicate things. Trust me I have done that in the past.

    So this time around I decided to work with someone I trust. I have worked with Matt Lovell many times over the last 14 seasons. He has worked with the England Rugby team for years, Manchester city and others!

    I decided to hook back up with Matt and look to really get my nutrition rebooted and sorted.

    You can follow him on twitter @MattLovell and on his websites 

    I am also super lucky to have Chloe (My girlfriend, who runs her own fitness business looking after me. She is amazing at her nutrition and makes sure that I stay on track. She cooks for me, makes shakes and looks after my supplements.

    It makes a massive difference if your partner is helping you, and following the same goals.

    There are some statistics out there which suggest if not show that those people who have a  training partners or members of their family following the same programme, are much more likely to succeed.

    In my next blog I will talk a little bit more about what I am doing training wise.

    So if as I said at the start, if you want to follow along and transform yourself then you can work virtually with me by following my 12 week Lean Gains plan.

    It has all the info in it to help you get into shape.

    Plus it has been definitely proven to work if you follow it to the letter and eat well and properly, as well as train well and properly

    Stay tuned for more updates on my social media

    Twitter @JamesHaskell

    Instagram @JamesHask


    – Entry was posted on August 22nd, 2016 by James Haskell
  4. Calling all rugby players, both young and old – Please watch this video!

    Calling all rugby players, both young and old – Please watch this video!

    Not a day goes by that I don't get a private message on one of my social media channels from either an aspiring young player or an older, more experienced player, of either sex, looking to improve their game and subsequent enjoyment of their sport, by stepping up a level.

    Young players contact me asking for any and all tips about rugby – such as how to stand out in a trial? How to become a professional rugby player? Or just how to get bigger? These being just a flavor of some of the most commonly asked questions.

    I always try to reply to each and every question in as much detail as I can but the sheer volume of questions, although highly flattering, means with all my other commitments I am really struggling to keep up.

    The last thing I wanted was for any fan to think I was ignoring them or hadn’t bothered to take the time and trouble to reply in the detail required. So forever thinking as to how I could  square this particular circle, I has a eureka moment.

    I decided to write a book!

    The logic being I could answer every question in as much detail as was required, as well as advise about all the other stuff players really ought to know but had forgotten to ask.

    In other words recount and put down on paper in one place, all the experiences and unique insights I am fortunate enough to have had, as a result of being a professional rugby player for the last 12 years.

    I am unique, in terms of all other current British Isles Internationals, to have played in all four of the top domestic competitions in World Rugby and on six of the seven continents.  

    So I sincerely  hope I have covered every possible rugby specific question in the book!

    It’s now available in traditional book form as well as an EBook for your smart phone or tablet. There is also a Video Plus version available Here

    To give you an idea of some of topics covered in the book. They include

    •  - Core skills development

    •  - Conditioning drills

    •  - Rugby specific training

    •  - How to get bigger

    •  - What to eat

    •  - When to eat

    •  - Recovery

    •  - Hydration

    •  - Proper warm-up routine

    •  - Supplements

    •  - Everything explained with the help of video and pictures.

    If you want to find out more about the different versions of the book, then please Click Here. If you have any questions about the book then contact us on our social media @JamesHaskellhf for twitter, @jameshask for instagram and finally our Facebook page.

    The first 250 copies of the book will be signed by James personally.

    So please don’t delay, please place your order today.

    – Entry was posted on April 25th, 2016 by James Haskell
  5. Now you can have the Body you want - The Complete Solution

    Now you can have the Body you want - The Complete Solution

    Its arrived!

    JHHF’s amazing new 12 week Lean Gains Training EBook!

    This book contains all the information, guidance and help you need to put on lean muscle and size.

    It has been written for both women and men and is guaranteed to deliver the results you have always wanted, providing you closely follow the plan. The Leans Gains package is designed for increasing strength and muscle mass, whilst reducing body fat levels.

    However where we are justified in calling our Book, The Complete Solution, is unlike most other packages of this nature, ours comes complete with not one but two comprehensive Nutrition solutions. As we understand that 65% of any successful training package revolves around the correct inclusion, use and understanding of nutrition.

    The package comes in a number of formats and options designed to suit your lifestyle and budget:

    • - Comprehensive lean muscle guide with individual 12-week training programmes

    • - Guide includes - when to train, what to train and how to train

    • - Weekly and monthly training information

    • - Full information on creating your own nutrition programme and what supplements to take

    • - Suggested meals and Macro breakdowns.

    • - How to track your results and the best ways of doing it.

    – Entry was posted on December 29th, 2015 by James Haskell
  6. Eleven Tips to becoming a faster, stronger runner

    Eleven Tips to becoming a faster, stronger runner

    If you’re looking to become a faster runner and start shaving serious seconds from your race day PBs, you’ve probably been pedalled the usual advice time and time again.

    According to many of the self-proclaimed ‘experts,’ the key to progressing as a runner is simply a case of putting in more miles each week, more hours pounding the pavement.

    Practice makes perfect, they say, so lace up and get back out on the road

    Don’t listen to them.

    Because, whilst putting regular miles on the clock is an important way to keep you well drilled in the art of running, the key to progression is what you do away from the pavement.

    Read James latest blog on running here and get ready to cross the great divide!

    – Entry was posted on November 26th, 2015 by James Haskell
  7. Exercise Myths and Facts

    Exercise Myths and Facts


    Always stretch before you work out.


    Several studies over the past few years have shown that what’s called static stretching— as in when you bend over and touch your toes for the count of 10 — actually makes you weaker and less stable in your workout.

    The solution: 

    Warm up with easy, no-weight sets of the exercises in your routine. See James Haskell recommended Warm up routine:

    A recent study in the American Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that when athletes warmed up after stretching and then performed a test where they threw a heavy medicine ball, the correct warm-up procedure completely eliminated the weakening effects of the stretching process.

    – Entry was posted on November 9th, 2015 by James Haskell
  8. No Gym Fat Loss Workout

    No Gym Fat Loss Workout

    Another free training session courtesy of JHHF

    JHTV release 5.30pm Monday 26th October

    Bodyweight sessions are great, especially as you don't need access to a gym or much, if any, equipment to get going. This means the sessions are easy to do and simple to fit into your schedule.

    Everybody rushes to lift weights, but nobody focuses on getting their body strong and fit through using their own body weight to train. You cannot underestimate how good doing bodyweight work is for your body and core strength gains.

    I would rather be able to do 30 press-ups and 30 chin-ups, than bench 150kgs.

    It’s especially important if you are an athlete of some description.

    So please view the video below to follow the session. Then if you feel inspired to try this at home, simply click the link to read my blog and get the free exercise session.

    In my new Book “Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit” I talk all about the importance of bodyweight training for those just starting with gym training or for those working out for the first time.

    If you want to find out more about my new book then click the link below to read what’s in the book and why I wrote it:


    – Entry was posted on October 26th, 2015 by James Haskell
  9. Safety in numbers as long as you perform for long enough

    Safety in numbers as long as you perform for long enough

    Feel good about carving out a half hour of gym time a day? A study recently published in the journal Circulation this week suggests that your 30-minute routine on the treadmill might not be doing as much good as you think.

    Researchers have discovered that whilst a half-hour daily workout did certainly decrease the risk of heart disease to a degree, they equally discovered that exercising for twice as long, namely an hour or even four times as long, if you have the time and energy to spend two-hours in the gym and/or on a treadmill, significantly lowered the risk of having a heart attack by between twenty to thirty five percentage points.

    The findings suggest the longer you sweat with your heart rate up, the healthier your heart becomes.

    Of course, if you can't commit to a two-hour gym session every day, experts recommend engage in a session of high-interval intensity training [HIIT] in small bursts to make up the difference.

    If you have never tried HIIT before or would like a quick refreshed then please see the links below

    JHTV - View the following Rugby HIIT Conditioning session HERE.

    JHBlogs – Read more about HIIT sessions HERE.

    JHClothing - Look the part as well as being comfortable and smart whilst in the gym. Find out more HERE.

    JHProducts – Boost your training with our multiple award winning natural, Informed Sport batch tested and certified male and female pre-trainer. Try Hades and Hella HERE.

    – Entry was posted on October 21st, 2015 by James Haskell
  10. Group Rugby Fitness Session

    Group Rugby Fitness Session

    This video is a JHTV throwback video that I did with some of the guys on a recent JH RugbyFit camp. I also invited down the top lads from London Muscle @LDN_muscle to take part in the session.

    I have done quite a few things with LDN in the past, so wanted to show them the kind of training we do for rugby. The idea was to put them through a session we would use in pre-season training or during the season as a fitness top up. This session would mainly be used for those squad players who don't get much, if any game time, over the weekend.

    I wanted to share this session with you because a lot of the training you will see in the film is included in my new RugbyFit EBook, “An Introduction to Becoming and Remaining Rugby Fit”.

    To read the support blog for the video which contains free content all the sessions which appear in the video click here.

    If you want to find out more about the RugbyFit book. How it can really help and benefit you, as well as taking a sneak preview of some of the contents from the book, then please click HERE.

    – Entry was posted on October 20th, 2015 by James Haskell

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