Budgy Smugglers Now Available! New JH Bespoke product

Budgy Smugglers Now Available! New JH Bespoke product

Budgy Smugglers are the pair of swimmers you always wanted but never had the chance, until NOW, to buy.

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Budgy Smuggler is Australian for “bloke’s swimwear”

Although, they are more than just a pair of swimming trunks. They are what every stylish rugby player is wearing beneath his shorts to control his tackle. Controlling the tackle area as you know, being a key component of the modern game!!

Plus if the unthinkable happens in the heat of the game and you lose your playing shorts. Thanks to your stylish set of smugglers you can rest assured, everyone including the ref, will be gazing in awe!  

Plus for those more money conscious than the rest of us, it’s the perfect year around purchase – Play Rugby in the winter and swim in the summer!  

Having first been introduced to Budgy Smugglers down-under. James hasn’t looked back. In fact he became so enthused about the brand he commissioned his own exclusive range for sale in the UK.

So now thanks to his innate fashion design sense you can Dress like a Pro as well as Train like a Pro.

The material is silky smooth and the next best thing to being naked. The special smuggler fabric will keep you looked in place as well as being highly durable.

All budgy smugglers are 100% Australian made in our factory in Sydney with the top quality Australian fabric. We understand when it comes to smuggling your budgy, there can be no compromise on quality.

Please check out the size guide before ordering. Take your pick from three exclusive designs across four great colourways.

Sizes Available 32/34/36/38/40

Available in White/Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Pink, White/Orange

– Entry was posted on December 9th, 2016 by James Haskell

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