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Men’s Health Magazine, aside from being the best selling fitness magazine in the world, in addition to having some pretty impressive website traffic, 2.4 million unique browsers at the last count, also has a reputation for being scruoilios fair and honest when they agree to undertake an in-depth review of a product or a training programme.

Robert Hicks, their Digital Editor, has agreed to take on James new Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme  

Over the coming weeks Robert will be writing a number of blogs, as well as video posts of both him and James, featuring how he’s getting on, along with any problems he might encounter.  

In his own words: This isn't a plug for James Haskell Health and Fitness or Fresh Fitness Foods. Far from it.

This is a training programme that I want to take on to see whether, after 29 years of not going to the gym (my whole life has revolved around cardio sports) I can buy in to gym life, increase my appetite to a level it has never gone before and change my body shape to something I didn't ever think was possible.

I'm quite a sceptical person. MH Transform star, Ted Lane succeeded changing his body with flying colours and I still have difficulty believing it. He sits next to me!

I want to see it work for my own eyes. And if you do too, follow me @RobertHicks15 and James @JamesHaskellHF

I'm going to be honest in my blogs.

If have trouble with an aspect of the programme I will say it.

If things could be better, I will say it.

I'll just make sure I don't see James for a few weeks after I've posted it. He's quite a big chap! 

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