The ISO Bag is the complete meal organiser. The range includes a 2-meal, 3-meal or 6-meal system. The soft sided cooler bag has been designed to carry and organize all of your food, conveniently, cleanly and very effectively.


The Isobag is the ideal solution for organising your daily meal plan. The simple and lightweight design of the bag, makes it a very easy and convenient way to transport your food around, wherever you might be going. The stylish design of the Isobag not looking out of place in either the workplace or gym.

The main compartment of each different bag size, holds the relevant number of well-portioned meals – either a 3, 4 or 6-meal option. Every Isobag comes with its own food containers and ice packs.

The Isobag is available in five options. Two basic colour combinations and three different meal sizes. The Iso Mini is only available in the full colour combination. The two differently styled colour combinations for the 4 and 6-meal option, being the Isobag, which effectively just features a single coloured body panel or the Isobag full colour, which has the name suggests, is a full colour option.

Our constant mantra at JHHF is that the right nutrition plan has to be at the very epi-centre of any successful exercise plan and routines. With this firmly in mind it’s crucial, if you are really serious about wanting to change to a more healthy lifestyle, you need to be able to effectively manage your diet and nutrition needs throughout the day, NOT just whilst at home.

This is where the Isolator bag comes into its own. The Iso bag, which is soft-sided comes in three basic meal formats, enables you to pre-prepare your food in advance for the day and then carry it with you in a hygienic, cool environment keeping them fresh for whenever you are ready

These bags are great for sports people, diabetics, anyone with food intolerances or allergies or even just travelling with young children and not wanting to end up in service station food courts


How long does food keep fresh in the bag?

Naturally this is dependent on the prevailing climate and outside temperature. However under normal operating criteria, providing the food has been stored in the insulated section and properly packed into the food containers sit, it will keep the food cold and fresh for between up to 12 hours, maybe a bit more.

Are there different size and meal plan options?

Yes there are a number of bag designs and meal solutions. In essence the options range from a 3-meal a day, 4-meals a day or 6-meals a day.

Are the bags heavy to lift and carry around?

Although the bags have a robust and sturdy design, they are in fact soft sided utilising a material based structure, which makes them very portable, light and convenient to carry around.

Are the bags just for Athletes or Sports people?

No – Although originally designed to simply facilitate transporting fresh food to and from the gym. The bags are extremely versatile and so are equally ideal for anyone who has any specific dietary requirements, such as diabetics a swell as anyone with food intolerances or allergies. The bags are also particularly good for use on family days-out, picnics, office and school lunches, long journeys as well as anyone with young children not wanting to end up having to eat in restaurants or service stations.

Do the bags just come in black as standard?

Not at all. Across the range the Isobag comes in a range of colours such as Blue, Purple, Fushia, Pink, Black, Neon Green, Light blue and Orange to mention a few of the different colour choices, across both of the colour styling combinations. See panel three above for more details.

Just how effective are the cooling packs?

The cool packs used across the Iso bag range are solid cool ice bricks, which offer the best cooling solution. Additionally Isolator Ice Bricks are designed to freeze evenly, ensuring food is kept fresh and cool for up to 12 hours.

Can you buy replacement cool packs?

In truth you should never have to unless you have your bag for a very, very long time. However yes can buy you The Isolator cool packs are not gel packs, so there is absolutely no danger of the packs splitting and the contents leaking out. However you can certainly buy both replacement ice packs as well as food containers in all sizes - 12, 16, 28 and 38oz.

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