Good Nutrition is at the epicentre of any successful training plan or programme

Foods For Fitness

What you eat has a direct bearing on the success or otherwise of all you are trying to achieve in or out of the gym.

Eating clean and healthy food is really the only solution. To do this, you need to get your pans out and start cooking for yourself.

At the heart of any recipe are the basic ingredients and top of this list, is the meat, fish and vegetables, which aside from forming the basis of any meal, provides you with your sources of Proteins, Carbs and Greens.

Starting to cook fresh food daily for yourself can appear at first to be a real challenge. It’s not so much the cooking that frightens people but the thought of having to find the time to shop daily for meat and vegetables.

However help is at hand in the form of a family firm who will deliver everything you need direct to your door. Providing you with a range of fresh natural protein sources and nutritional products at a competitive high street price.

Secondly JHHF has teamed with Top Chef and Nutrition guru Omar Meziane who has created a fantastic selection of recipe ideas and really tasty but simple dishes with food kindly supplied by Foods For Fitness to show you all how easy it is to do this.

Foods For Fitness having being supplying James with all his basic food requirements for a number of years. during this time, he has found the food to always be fresh and of a consistently high quality. 

Because good nutrition is so essential to everything Fitness. To supplement the training and exercise plans in our Training EBooks and Session Plans, we have teamed up with Foods For Fitness to create some unique, bespoke product stacks, which are only available through JHHF.

James has had a personal input into the composition of the stacks, to ensure they contain everything you need and that the ingredients all fit in with the detail and information contained within the respective nutrition chapters.

So in line with our Ethical Policy as well as James’s drive to persuade people to become fitter and eat healthier, which involves them taking control over what they eat and when. Foods For Fitness have created a couple of bespoke food packages, which are only available through James Haskell Health and Fitness [JHHF]

All Foods for Fitness beef is UK sourced from local farms where ever possible. Hartshead Meats on Hartshead Moor is their main beef supplier. All Beef is locally raised on grass, giving excellent flavour and tenderness.

The Poultry is reared open range in Leek and supplied by a local supplier.

The meat is prepared fresh for customers by an experienced qualified butcher. The meat is then immediately vacuum sealed for freshness and carefully packed in a temperature controlled box, which keeps the food fresh and chilled, at its optimum temperature, for 48 hours during transportation direct to your door, cutting-out the need to go shopping!

Queues, remembering lists, trudging up and down supermarket aisles, packing, unpacking, in and out the car - all a thing of the past! 

Foods For Fitness is a family run business with over 50 years experience within the meat and catering industry, providing high quality produce and customer service to its customers.

Foods For Fitness share the same passion as James about promoting the benefits of nutrition and the key role it plays in helping you to achieve your goals be it a desire to gain muscle or lose fat.

So with the help of Foods For Fitness following a dedicated nutritional diet plan no longer needs to be difficult. 


We are passionate about how we source and prepare our meat, so naturally we want to make sure your food and meat produce reaches your front door exactly how it left our butcher’s shop.

Foods For Fitness offers a delivery service that covers the whole of the United Kingdom guaranteeing a fresh delivery, and while our packaging might look simple, the science behind it is anything but:

In 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first person to call himself a Spaceman. As with Gagarin, all of his fellow astronauts since have had to protect themselves from the exposure to the harsh environment of space.

When humans are exposed to temperatures as low as -100 degrees C and the vacuum of space, flesh expands to twice its size, consciousness remains for as little as a few seconds and body heat is rapidly lost. Meanwhile, exposure to solar radiation starts breaking down our molecules.

This places a huge demand on spacesuits which take on the dual role of protection and life support system. It has required some hi-tech advances in material and fabric design to stop astronauts freezing and exploding the moment they step out of the spacecraft.

One of the key considerations is minimising thermal radiation (conduction), or in terms we understand, regulating temperature.

In space, heat can only be lost when in physical contact with the outside of the suit, meaning these suits need to have some clever insulation properties to keep all that life supporting heat inside

And if you are wondering what this has to do with how we deliver your meat?

The answer is found in the insulating barriers made of metalised foil, separated by a core of propylene which protects both the astronauts and their delicate instruments from radiation and heat loss.

For transporting chilled food on earth, air pockets have replaced propylene, but the technology is the same. Keeping an efficient barrier between food and the external air temperature maintains the core temperature inside for a long time.

How we keep our meat fresh using the same technology

Vital in ensuring our product reaches your fridge without compromising freshness or quality is our insulated packaging:

Ufoil 2BDA is a unique type of insulation material made from air bubbles and metalised foil film.

The secret is in its double bubble, ensuring chilled products are kept chilled by blocking heat radiation.

The packaging surface itself reflects up to 97% of radiant energy, keeping hot air out and cold air in.

During shipping and transport external temperature has minimal effects on your products as the bubble layers prevent heat transfer.

What technology do supermarkets use?

It's no surprise that this technology is a lot more advanced than anything Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda or Ocado can muster. Supermarkets deliver in plastic crates. Crates that were used to deliver someone else's order yesterday and another's order tomorrow. Our packaging is designed to suit each and every one of our customers' needs.

Whatever you order we know it will arrive to you as fresh as it left us, leaving you with no worries about the quality of your meat and dairy products. Unlike the mass-produced, packed and crated items you order from the supermarket. Have you ever asked yourself how long that chicken has been on the shelf?

We ensure only the upmost care and attention when it comes to packing and delivering our products and that’s why we use Coolimate Thermal solutions and Parcelforce as our courier service.

Coolimate Thermal transport is an innovative and versatile solution that can reflect up to 97% of radiant heat (sunlight) ensuring your goods stay at the optimal temperature up to 36 hours.

Benefits of the coolimate system include:

- Environmentally safe
- Reduces Carbon Emissions
- Ability to ship goods in non refrigerated vehicles
- Durable
- Non Toxic
- Does not compress, collapse or disintegrate

If you have been worried about getting your fresh produce delivered by post, don't.
Our technology ensures freshness of your meat and dairy for up to 48 hours.
If the technology is good enough for NASA, then it should be good enough for our burgers,
steaks and sausages too!

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