Joseph Ryan - Summary of my 12 week Lean Gains Experience

Joseph Ryan - Summary of my 12 week Lean Gains Experience

12 Week Summary

Weight:    Start:  84kg up to  Finish: 90kg [I.e.  6 kg new, additional, sheer new muscle mass]

Body fat:  Start: 18% down to Finish: 11% [ The goal index for a man in his mid thirties is 13.7% and 21.45% for a woman] So you can image how pleased I am to have broken through this glass ceiling!

Over the past 12 weeks I have seen dramatic changes in my appearance.

My size, diminishing body fat levels, increased strength and generally enhanced power.

Basically my overall athletic performance as a direct consequence of the time, incredibly well spent, engaging with James Haskell’s Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme.

All of my results are real. My report is unbiased and genuine. I have an assiduous reputation to maintain and uphold!

I was not clinically obese when I started and whilst I do not represent Mr Olympia today - I am not sure even Arnie in his prime could have achieved that in just 12 weeks - my physique has definitely improved.

Week 1

Here is my genuine feedback and assessment of the past three months.

Lifestyle benefits

- I am happier. I feel a lot more confident in my new framework and that is due to the results I have achieved.

- My posture has improved. I suffer from arthritis and walked with a limp before. Now that I have strengthened my legs and core I don't walk with a limp. Before I ignored leg day and became top heavy, now I do not.

- I understand what I am doing. Before I would trawl the internet for a workout to do, not knowing how long to do it for or whether to repeat it. I was lost. The Lean Gains took me from start to finish.

- I haven’t been injured once. Fact. Thanks to James I know what Im doing and don't risk damage to myself.

- I sleep much better. The high intensity training has tired me out, I have learnt to taken a lot more pride in my workouts and therefore I push myself to the limits.

- My diet is much tighter and cleaner. I once again didn't know what to eat before and this would lead to fluctuation of my weight, often leading me to feel annoyed and down. Now I don't have that issue.

- I am playing sport again. Due to the muscle growth I have sustained through the workouts I am now playing the sports I could not 3 months ago. I played my first hour and a half of rugby sevens and I will definitely be going back weekly!

Week 3

Takeaway lessons

- Don't give up. See it through, it's a marathon not a sprint and you will relish the outcome if you follow the guide through its entire course.

- Absorb all the information. There is a reference to all elements of training: lifting, resting, diet, recovery. Don't shortcut yourself - take all the invaluable meticulous detail the guide offers.

- There is no need to over exert yourself. The workout is brilliantly structured so that you can lift a lot without it having to be too heavy. Most people injure themselves by trying to lift too much too soon; thanks to the German Volume Training you won’t have that problem.

- Check out the JHHF website. There is a lot of useful info there and it adds to the experience. Plenty of great videos on how to lift, additional workouts as well as some expert advice.

- Enjoy it. I really did. Progress is gratifying!

What’s Next?

- I will do this workout again. I’ve set myself new goals. I have 4 clear abs, now I want 6. I want bigger legs as they have improved my walking and running. I have already seen how this has benefitted me so I am guaranteed to prosper again.

- I will be documenting my 12 weeks experience in Men’s Health, so check it out there.

Well, there is my feedback distilled under what for me are three key headings. Although you can read all 12 of my individual weekly blogs Here

After three months of gruelling workouts, colossal eating, careful recovery sessions and in essence non-stop commitment to the Lean Gains Workout Programme. I hope you will find it as useful as I have, I can’t wait for cycle two!

Week 6

I’ve made serious gains. My body has changed in ways I honestly didn't expect and I have seen improvements which have left me very happy, but you know what, don't take my word for it:

‘It’s been ages since I have seen Joe in the flesh and I was really surprised, he looked great. When I first met him Joe’s weight would fluctuate because of the nature of what he did. The night club scene is not very forgiving on the body. However this time he looked lean and healthy.

When Joe walked into the gym I could see that he had been working hard. It’s not easy to get into great shape and takes a lot of time and effort. Joe is on the first cycle of my 12 week plan, so once he is done he can take a rest and go again.

He looked like he had filled out more, and you could start to see different muscles that were not there the last time we caught up. I get my best glimpse of his progress when we finished the shoot and he takes his shirt off. I could clearly see upper abs and a well-developed chest. All in all I was really impressed and pleased with Joe’s work.

I am delighted and a little humbled he found such effectiveness and benefit from my programme.’

James Haskell
England & Wasps

Author – The Lean Gains Bodybuilding Guide

I first met Joe prior to him taking on the 12 week programme. "I have a bum knee and my doctor told me yoga would be good for my arthritis" was his opening gambit as he came to my classes.

Over the course of the 12 weeks I could see the physical transformation - he was holding poses longer, and finding more comfort in his stillness. He has become more flexible despite growing in size, and this has improved his general balance and performance.

It was great to see that James has promoted yoga in his Lean Gains Bodybuilding Programme as this is why I teach yoga to break the stereotype that yoga is merely stretching and get people in tune with their bodies.

Swan Liew (

Yoga instructor

3 months ago, Joseph had completed his physical therapy training exercises for the strengthening and reconditioning of his lower body with me. During this time I noticed that Joseph had next to no muscular development in his legs, little definition and was struggling with his balance and walking style due to a decade of arthritis in his knee.

The Lean Gains Bodybuilding programme has allowed him to gain more muscle mass, which allowed more stability for all his joints as a whole. This minimized the pain in his knees from the arthritis, improved his posture and allowed more flexibility for him to re-participate in sporting activities like football and touch rugby, which I had banned him from taking part in 3 months ago.

His change has been quite considerable and very impressive.

Alex Leng, Physiotherapist (
Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy of Northumbria University in Newcastle
Certified practitioner in Tuina (Branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Week 12

As I sign off I would like to thank James and the rest of the JHHF team for their support over the past 12 weeks.

It’s been life changing, and I wish anyone reading this a highly enjoyable experience if you make the wise investment in taking on the programme!


– Entry was posted on July 5th, 2016 by James Haskell

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