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As detailed within the Programming Schedule section, JHTV, with over 22,500 subscribers and well over a million views, 1,371,500 to be precise, garnered since its inception some three years ago, is committed to producing a range of varied, wide-ranging, interesting and dynamic productions.

Our core values are that our programmes must be informative, interesting, relevant, and topical with good production values but above all they must be Authentic.

Currently we broadcast each and every week, shows about Fitness, Nutrition, Rugby, Humour and Public Interest and Entertainment

However we have an ambitious, forward looking agenda for the channel, with plans to dramatically expand our weekly offering over the next eighteen months or so.

Detailed below are a series of proposed shows, some/all of which we plan to air on JHTV at some point over the coming few years.

All of the shows detailed below are either in the very early development and planning stages. Have progressed to a point where they have had pilot programmes made or have already been broadcast; as such are either being revived in a slightly modified format or are staging a full return in their original format.

At the end of each programme preview, there is a combination of links, showreels, as well as embedded videos, to enable you to preview the programme concept for yourself.

As all these programmes are being specifically developed for our subscribers and viewers, your input, thoughts and comments are most welcome.

Therefore if you would like to pass opinion on all or any of the proposed shows detailed below, please email us at JHTV@jameshaskell.com



In partnership with Omar Meziane, ex head chef of Wasps rugby and now currently chef for the Great British Rowing Team as well as a consultant for the England Rugby Team.

Omar and James are going to be releasing a series of cooking and nutrition shows highlighting the importance of good nutrition in the hope of dispelling the myth that preparing fresh and healthy food is a complex, time consuming and convoluted process.

James and Omar’s mission is to clearly demonstrate this is very much NOT the case and that cooking a healthy meal is accessible and open to anyone interested in learning a few basic principles
This educational series will be packed with easy-to-create home recipes for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

There have been ongoing talks for James to potentially appear as a guest host on Jamie Oliver's forthcoming Fresh One YouTube series on healthy eating.




Throughout the rugby season we invite our subscribers and rugby fans to participate in our Tackle of the Month competition.

If they see a tackle from any school or amateur game and think it's worthy of an entry, all they have to do is to send us a short clip of the tackle to totm@jameshaskell.com.

Subject to volumes, we either short-list or publish each clip sent to us on our website. At the end of each month James picks a winner, which becomes Tackle of the Month. At the end of the season James will select Tackle of the Season from amongst all the monthly winners.

Prizes include tickets to a Wasps home Aviva Premiership game with the winner of Tackle of the Season winning a rugby training masterclass session for his school or club from James.




With 2015 being such an important year for English Rugby and the potential legacy it can bring across the UK, James has decided to help people who are interested in the game get familiar with the basics of the game in this free "Beginners Guide to Rugby" video series.

Each chapter in this YouTube series will address a different aspect of the game, covering everything from the history of the game though open play, tacking, the maul, the ruck, scoring and more... With the World Cup already creating huge excitement as it draws towards its conclusion, it is an exciting time to engage the British rugby community.

Watch and Read Here


Every day James receives many questions from his various social media and blog subscribers.

Many of the questions become common trends and with his schedule making it almost impossible to answer every question individually, the plan is to make a another series of the popular weekly "Ask Hask" videos, which summarise the most common questions from the previous week and see him responding in greater detail to a couple of the more interesting, relevant and inclusive questions posed.

“Ask Hask” started as a little bit of din, but the previous video series proved so popular “Ask Hask” looks like it’s coming back through popular demand and become a staple of his YouTube channel JHTV.




One of the things James is best known for aside from Rugby, is his commitment to maintaining his peek physical condition to ensure he is the best athlete he can possible be.

With very limited online training information available to those interested in Rugby, aligned to the demands of the game being so unique for each position on the field. James has encapsulated a new way of enhancing rugby fitness for enthusiasts and potential fans all over the World.

His unique package offers a digital guide including downloadable PDF, I phone and Android interactive app with exclusive discounts and offers on fitness and supplement products that will compliment his programme.

The initial EBook is offered at a nominal cost for the introductory version, then each upgrade or bonus item will also carry an additional cost.

Users will have the choice to purchase the programmes that best suit their individual needs and create the first ever custom to user Rugby specific training programme. To accompany this programme James will be releasing a series of vines and sneak peak videos that will be shared across his YouTube, Instagram and Twitter communities, directing interested participants to purchase the guide, but at the same time actually benefit from the vines along the way for free.




Launching in the autumn of 2016 to coincide with the start of the new rugby season, JHRugby Live will be a weekly live stream following the antics of the Aviva Rugby Premiership.

Plans to broaden the principle will hopefully include a live stream with fellow sports professionals discussing the latest topics and trends; getting to know the biggest sports stars from across the globe. Each addition will co-inside with major events in the sporting calendar and will capitalise on the buzz around these events.

However as a trial for JHRugby Live, James organised a JHTV live broadcast with fellow rugby personalities Gloucester prop Paul Doran-Jones and ex-Wasp fly-half Andy Goode. The session was a huge success and they were bombarded with questions and support for James to do more. We are currently sourcing personalities to participate and an events calendar will be published soon.

Where JHRugby Live will differ from other similar shows, is JHTV is not under the same constraints as national broadcasters –TV, Cable and Radio, who potentially offer the same sort of programme. The JHTV format is different as our focus won’t exclusively be on considered reporting and analysis of the weekend’s games. It will be much more about providing an exclusive and unique insight into the world of professional rugby, specifically from a player’s perspective. Leading to candid, interesting, humorous and time-relevant match analysis about the background to the games, as much as about the result.




“Hask’s International Chat” will see James reaching out on a regular basis to many of his rugby pals scattered around the rugby-playing world.

By way of example is the clip shown below which is of James talking with his ex-Highlanders team mate and All Black back-row star Adam Thompson, with whom he played whilst he was in New Zealand.

The list of star players with whom James has played and remains very friendly is pretty extensive.  Ma Nonu at the Ricoh Black Rams, Sergio Parisse at Stade Francais, Andrew Hoare at the Highlanders , Serge Betson at Wasps, Pascal Pape from Stade plus of course the likes of Dan Carter, Schulk Burger not forgetting any number of English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish boys whom he knows. Capture just some of this and you have all the makings of an interesting show.




Through James' popularity with celebrities and reality TV stars from across the UK, he has been inundated with requests to train them. To help them get fit, as well as help them understand how to eat better.

This got James thinking and he has decided to create his own reality online YouTube show "JHCelebrity Fit". A weekly Vlog sent in by celebrities and boot camp thrashing over a period of 8 weeks, whilst they undergo the James Haskell Fitness Challenge. Celebrities will compete each week t prove they have made the most progress to win the ultimate accolade of King or Queen of the Celebrity Fit Challenge.

Their success or failure will be determined by a social voting campaign that will take place using #celebfitname. The person each week with the most support will win that week’s challenge.

Each week celebrities will attend a boot camp with James where they will weigh in and be put through their paces by James and his fitness support team.




James has any number of both celebrity and sporting friends, all of whom [well a reasonably high proportion at least] are keen to tell and share their stories, as well as engage with him on the couch, exchanging banter and hopefully always giving as good as they get.

The circumstance may vary but hopefully with James in the chair, the results will always remain the same - interesting, topical with a high degree of entertainment





To co-inside with James' new RugbyFit and General Fitness packages he will be releasing late 2015 and throughout 2016, James is offering a select number of his loyal fans the opportunity to gain access to his training packages for free in return for them documenting their progress.

The aim will be for them to have direct access to James through the Jameshaskell.com web portal and with his guidance during his training schedules documenting their success along the way. The aim is to achieve a series of un-bias, genuine vlog's from everyday people, who James has helped achieve their goals, so others can have confidence that they too can achieve their fitness or rugby goals.




Sara Malm is a journalist for the Mail Online in addition to being a big supporter of the JHFitness female Pre-Trainer [Formerly known as Hella] and has written a number of articles in the "Femail" column of the Daily Mail, Mail Online website.

The response was pretty mind blowing and hundreds of women from across the globe invested in the JHFitness Pre-Trainer, from as far afield as South Africa and the United States.

Following on from this, Sara has asked James to set her a challenge to get fit after spending her summer undoing all of the hard work she put in over the spring.

Throughout October and November Sara will embark on a mission of healthy eating, regular training and being an all round well being advocate. Her journey is going to be diarised through a weekly blog on jameshaskell.com as well as a weekly vlog posted to YouTube for her faithful audience to follow, and participate.

Sara will be culminating the challenge with a feature article in the Femail column at the end of November, sharing her success, failures and journey with the world. The challenge is a pre-campaign for a forthcoming general fitness programme James will be launching in 2016.




James' general interest in all things sport and training has led him on a journey of spending time with various sports stars and trainers from across the globe and all over the internet.

Training with Lean Machine. Performing rugby drills with KSI as well as undergoing sessions with MMA Champions are just some of his ventures. James currently has a long list of collaboration projects to complete and aims to add at least one a month to his channel starting in the summer of 2016.




It's important to James for his followers to get to know him, see the crazy antics he gets up to, and probably the part that most people love, and see him train.

Continuing his raft of crazy antics, silly videos and off the cuff training sessions from his trips around the globe, and when he has that little bit of down time, James is committed to keeping an open and transparent relationship with his fans.

His motto is simple for this stuff, if it doesn't compromise his integrity, and the audience are genuinely getting something out of it, whether that be a laugh, a little tip for their training, or maybe what kit to use, James is happy to get involved.





There are plans to develop a series of shows called Testing Rugby Tec ”, which as the name rather suggests is essentially about checking out and reviewing all the latest sports equipment, concepts, ideas and gadgets, which can be used to make one a better, safer, as well as more focussed and fitter player.

The eclectic subject mix of items, aids and ideas to review will be far ranging, even including what head-phones you should be using when listening to your music pre-match or in the changing room to help you attain and maintain focus.

Remember Tiger K tape being first launched back in 2012? This new taping treatment was developed to help kinaesthetic awareness of posture and alignment, designed to support muscles, joints as well as supporting lymph flow and blood circulation

You didn’t sadly hear it first on JHTV but moving forward, you very well may do so!


Finally there are plans to show case James engaging in cross-sport activity in his quest to become a better, more complete player.

So sports like boxing, judo, ti-chi, which he already performs as well as sports with which he is completely unfamiliar, such as diving, golf, cricket even Real Tennis, seeing as we have the World Champion based locally, in addition to one of the leading clubs in the country in nearby Holyport.

The working title for this programme is “Challenge Hask”   

Therefore please don’t forget, if you would like to pass opinion on all or any of the proposed shows detailed above. Please email us at JHTV@jameshaskell.com

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