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How we create our Programming Schedule

JHTV is an independent TV production company, controlled by James Haskell Health and Fitness [JHHF] with the stated aim of creating and delivering a consistent, regular,, varied and sometimes eclectic range of informative, educational, inspirational, as well as down- right amusing videos and clips to as inclusive and wide an audience as possible.

Mainly aired on YouTube and the other key social media platforms, Face Book, Vimeo and Vine. JHTV is also available across other portals such as MCN, Yahoo and AOL, as well as top tier and long tail publishers such as Mail Online, IB Media, Squawka and Break Media. The content we produce is intended to cover a whole host of topics and subject matter but there is solid spine to the business with three main, key threads running through the programming schedule to underpin all the other bits we do.

The three key threads are Fitness, Nutrition and Rugby in their widest possible form. Fitness covers everything to do with general fitness, exercise and training. The programming for this involves a focus on both specific, specialist and general training and all that this encompasses, so warm-up, cardio, recovery, conditioning and the like. Videos include amongst others fully detailed exercise and HIIT sessions.

The second strand to our core programming is Nutrition. We provide comprehensive nutrition advice and guidance, together with live cooking demonstrations and recipes both with celebrity chefs and leading nutritionists.

The third strand to our schedule falls under the catch-all of Rugby. Programming for his can range from James latest RugbyFit EBook with full supporting videos, which covers off everything an aspiring or established rugby player, be they male or female, needs to know to enable them to successfully step-up their training to the next level.

There is also our blockbuster new series the Beginners Guide to rugby which is a very detailed examination into the origins and history of the sport. The rules and key aspects of the game as well as the finer points and detail. Concise, sharp and informative this series is a must see for those new to the game.

There are also interviews with some of James global rugby playing mates, as well as rugby review programmes and behind the scenes footage.

Finally there is what we term General. This covers Celebrity interviews, training sessions and appearances conducted by James with a host of celebrities – sports stars YouTube legends and so forth. Quick fire banter questions and Answers as well as serious discussions for example about supplements and other important, related topics with leading industry experts.

All our shows are initially released on YouTube, in accordance with a strict publishing schedule, which means our ever expanding group of subscribers and followers can automatically plan their weekly viewing schedule around guaranteed and well-established weekly release times.

To help further, all our content is released in accordance with a themed and focussed programming schedule as detailed below -

If you have any questions about our programming schedule or would like to make any comments or suggestions about any of the shows or would like to propose some ideas/topics for new shows, please take the time to email us on All constructive comments and ideas always very welcome

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