New JHHF Loyalty Programme

JHHF is delighted to announce starting as of January 1st 2016, it will be offering a comprehensive reward scheme to thank and reward all our followers for their wonderful support.

However the good news does not stop there:

We have decided to back date all reward points to include the last eighteen months, to ensure nobody misses out.

We get a tremendous amount of really positive customer feed-back, so we want to be able to thank you for taking the time to write such positive reviews.

So aside from saying a big thank you every time you purchase a product, we also want to say thanks for sharing, liking on Facebook and Twitter as well as linking JHHF in with your Friends.

We want our Loyalty Programme to be just that a Loyalty Programme with genuine, identifiable rewards with a points to pounds value which is realistic and generous.

We are just finalising the mechanics so please bear with us, however we will shortly be publishing here some of the key points.

However in the interim if you need stuff, please just continue to buy because as said, you will still get all the points for every purchase you make.

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