Jeans Made to Fit the 'Athletic Body'

Jeans Made to Fit the 'Athletic Body'

Never able to buy jeans that fit properly? Always compromising on waist size to fit your thighs? NO MORE!

Olympvs Jeans are specially designed with the Althetic Body in mind. With HYPERStretch Denim they fit perfectly to any shape.

These jeans are perfect for the Athletes active lifestyle. And they look great! Heading to a meeting, running to the gym or keeping is casual? These are perfect for any occasion.

Fit for the fittest: They are made to fit the athlete’s shape, they are larger in the thigh and slimmer in the waist. No more ‘sizing up’ in the waist to fit big quads. 
Stretch your limits: They are made from a cutting edge Hyper-stretch denim which has an insane amount of stretch, combined with the durability to keep their shape whatever is thrown at them. 
Made in Italy: The jeans are individually appraised and hand finished in the pursuit of optimum performance. This extra care ensures there is rarely a wrong stitch or loose thread. [video here]
Clothes to be proud of: They are made with a fair wage and all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

These jeans are perfect if you have been using James' 12 Week Lean Gains Guide and have bulked up and your clothes no longer fit like they used to! There are also Olympvs tees, which are constructed with a stretch-cotton blend which moves in sync with your body. 24/7 performance which will keep you looking stylish and comfortable whatever your day throws at you. 

– Entry was posted on February 21st, 2017 by James Haskell

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