James Haskell's Strength and Power Workout

James Haskell's Strength and Power Workout

Train like England's man of the moment with his bespoke circuit, as exclusively featured in Men’s Health Magazine.

Haskell was called a temporary solution in a lacking England squad. He was tipped as one of the older players to be swept aside by young talent.

But James Haskell has proved them all wrong. After making 18 tackles (twice as many as anyone else) and three turnovers in Brisbane, England's main muscle man was rightly declared the best player on the pitch and looks set to give the Roses a new lease of life going into the final test against Australia.

How did he do it?

Smart strength.

In the controlled car crashes that are modern test matches, it doesn't matter how big you are. "The hardest players to tackle aren't the largest but the most explosive," says Haskell. Instead, you need to deploy power where it matters, which is where this specially designed power endurance workout comes in.

"We don't isolate body parts," says Haskell. "Rugby isn't about how much you bench."

Do this full-body workout twice a week for a month to gain visible, athletic muscle.


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– Entry was posted on June 22nd, 2016 by James Haskell

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