James Haskell inspires young Fans!

James Haskell inspires young Fans!

It's no surprise that James Haskell’s award winning book  an"Introduction to becoming and remaining Rugbyfit" has inspired and motivated so many to get or keep RugbyFit, being as it is the ideal book for anyone, be they male, female, young or old,  looking to get into the game or step up a level.

His highly acclaimed training and fitness book draws on his experience as a top Rugby player to give first-rate guidance on fitness and nutrition. With this comes an abundance of requests for signed books and personalised messages from fans and Rugby enthusiasts.

We can't always take personal requests as it could take months to process orders but one particular request caught our eye and on this occasion as we felt it was quite sentimental we were more than happy to oblige.

We were contacted by one young fans Father (James Peake) in regards to his 8 year old Son who is a massive Wasps, Rugby and James Haskell fan. He even wears a Red Scrum Cap, just like his idol when he is playing in his local Rugby Club.

James Peake is particularly fond of teaching his Son the importance of friendships built through playing the sport and is a massive advocate of James Haskell's attitude towards training and playing. It is safe to say, his Son whole-heartedly idolises James Haskell.

So, the book was sent complete with requested signature and personalised message and we were delighted to receive an email from James Peake thanking us for the book, with the below photo showing his Son's reaction when he received his gift.

"Thank you my lad was very excited and little emotional" Peake wrote in his email, explaining how he is a "huge huge fan with big dreams of representing his country".

His reaction melted our hearts here at the JHHF head quarters. It's great to see such passion and love for our sport from all ages and shows yet again exactly why we love doing this job.

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