James' Food Guilty Secrets..

James' Food Guilty Secrets..

Pork pies, pizza, mac and cheese, custard tarts, pancakes.. What else does James Haskell secretly love to eat?

James recently revealed what it is he really enjoys eating, pre-match, post-match match, and on 'car picnics'.

Now for the rest of us, a picnic probably consists of a sandwich, bag of crisps and a drink. Not for James! His typical 'car picnic' has to have; the crudités, hummus, cocktail sausages, pork pies, chicken, cold meats, custard tarts.. His latest picnic was a whopping 1800 calories! Want to know which item he blames for the excess calories? Check out the Video Here.

Pre match James has porridge and scrambled eggs for breakfast, then a few hours before the match his current favourite choice is salmon pancakes and broccoli. James needs to maintain a steady intake of 3,750 calories per day!! (Guess those large car picnics are making a bit more sense..) Watch the Video Here.

Post match he and Chloe like to treat themselves to a pizza and jalapeno poppers. Dominos used to be their place of choice, but on the recommendation of Alex Reid they now only use Papa John's.

James has also admitted that Mac and Cheese is his and Chloe's 'dark secret'. Most of the time he is obviously on a strict diet and has to watch exactly what he is eating, but every now and then they enjoy a guilty pleasure.
Check out This Video to see James and Chloe making Mac and Cheese with Devonshire Club's head chef William Best. You can also find the recipe here to enjoy a Mac and Cheese that is (in James' own words:) "so good I dribbled!"

Want to know what else James is eating? His favourite crisps? His idea afternoon tea? Or the worst dish he has ever had?
Check back on Friday for more videos!

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