James' Favourite (and least favourite) Foods

James' Favourite (and least favourite) Foods

So what is James ideal afternoon tea? His favourite crisps? What would his last meal on this earth be? And his worst dish ever tasted?

So we have found out that James' dark secret is that he and Chloe are lovers of Mac and Cheese. If you missed that Click Here! Today we find out more of his loves and hates in the food world..

Ideal Afternoon Tea? Must have 'a substantial variety' of finger sandwiches. None of this cucumber 'nonsense. Smoked salmon, coronation chicken and a 'classic' ham and cheese. Warm scones with clotted cream and jam. Then a tower of assorted cakes of course!

Speaking of cake, James' favourite cake is another classic; Victoria sponge. When he was younger after a bad day at Wasps he would buy a whole cake and eat the entire thing to cheer himself up! Don't believe me? Check out the video Here to get it straight from the horses mouth. 

Now for the worst dish, for most of us this would probably be beetroot, artichokes, sprouts or similar. James takes it to the next level. The worst dish he has ever had? Cod sperm. Yes 'actual fish sperm'.  Looks and tastes much as you'd expect he says 'A bowl of semen, which may or may not have belonged to a fish'. This was while he was playing in Japan for the 2011-2012 season. Check out the Video Here.

There are more videos with James telling us his favourite crisps, what his last meal would be on death row, and what he would eat if stuck on a desert island. Check them all out Here!

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