What is Informed Sport? Why is this symbol so important?

Certified by Informed Sport Informed Sport is a quality assurance programme covering all aspects of Sports Nutrition products. This includes not only the actual finished product itself, but all the composite raw materials, the supply chain, as  well as critically the manufacturing plant/facility itself.

The Informed Sport programme operates to the highest clinical levels and certifies that all nutritional supplements and their ingredients, which bear the prestigious Informed Sport or Informed Choice logos have been batch-tested for any and all banned substances, by the renown world class sports anti-doping laboratory LGC, based in Fordam, which is just outside of Newmarket, Cambridgeshire.

All approved Informed Sport and informed Choice products are individually batch-tested following each and every production run, as opposed to simply being covered by a general blanket certification. This fact allied to the rigorous certification process, brings complete peace to both professional athletes, as well as enthusiastic amateurs, concerned not only about their reputation and careers but  critically what they are putting into their bodies. Surprisingly there are many people in all walks of life, not least all military personnel, who are prohibited by employment contract from taking any form of nutritional supplement which is NOT Informed Sport approved.

Why risk everything, including your health and well-being, by experimenting with any
product, which does not carry the clearly identifiable Informed Sport or Informed Choice
certification of purity and safety

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Did you know that 10% of supplements are contaminated?

In 2013: HFL Sports Science surveyed 24 top brands selected from 12 European countries.

114 products were purchased through the internet and from in stores. The products tested included Energy products, protein products, powders, tablets, capsules, liquids, bars and others. Some of these products claimed they had been tested for banned substances or were ‘doping free’. But none of these products were included in an Informed-Sport programme.

10% Contained steroids and/or stimulants. 

Chance of contamination: 1 in 10

Previous studies have produced similarly alarming results.

Supplements In an IOC Survey conducted by the WADA lab in Germany between 2001 and 2004, they tested 634 supplement products, from 14 different European countries, and found that 14.8% (94 products) contained undeclared WADA banned steroids.

In 2007 an HFL study involved an analysis of 58 supplements (purchased via stores/internet in USA) of which 25% contained prohibited steroids and 11% contained prohibited stimulants. In 2008 an HFL study involved an analysis of 152 supplements (purchased via stores/internet in UK) of which 10.5% contained steroids and/or stimulants.

In an LGC Review of Manufacturing sites from 2010 to 2011, two sites were selected,
one in Europe and one in America.

European Site:

- 41 Swabs
- 20 showed evidence of contamination (49%)

American Site:

- 20 Swabs
- 17 showed evidence of contamination (85%!)

Sports supplements present an ongoing and very real threat to both athletes and public. 

Side Effects of Steroids:

Anabolic steroids are powerful hormones. They affect the entire body. Some of the side effects are common to all users. Other side effects are specifically related to your sex and age.

Men who take anabolic steroids may:

- Develop breasts
- Get painful erections
- Have their testicles shrink
- Have decreased sperm count
- Become infertile
- Become impotent

Women who take anabolic steroids may:

- Grow excessive face and body hair
- Have their voices deepen
- Experience menstrual irregularities
- Have reduced breast size

Both men and women who take anabolic steroids may:

- Get acne
- Get yellowing of the skin (jaundice)
- Become bald
- Have tendon rupture
- Have heart attacks
- Have an enlarged heart
- Develop significant risk of liver disease and liver cancer
- Have high levels of "bad" cholesterol
- Fly into rages
- Suffer delusions


44% of UK Anti-Doping positive tests in the 2012 testing year were caused by prohibited substances contained in supplements. Out of 2631 tests conducted at the Sochi Winter Olympics, seven positives were reported and ALL had involved supplements.

World Anti-Doping Code: Each athlete is strictly liable for the substances found in his or her bodily specimen, and that an anti-doping rule violation occurs whenever a prohibited substance (or its metabolites or markers) is found in bodily specimen, whether or not the athlete intentionally or unintentionally used a prohibited substance or was negligent or otherwise at fault. 

Certified by Informed Sport: Informed Sport audits all products and tests all batches pre-release – the risk to athletes taking certified supplements is negligible.  

Make sure the supplements you are taking are Informed Sport tested.

 ALL of our pre-training and fat burning supplements are Informed Sport tested.

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