How James Haskell Became England’s Hardest Hitter

How James Haskell Became England’s Hardest Hitter

Our March Men’s Health cover man talks training, macros, dumper trucks and, obviously, a bit of banter

James Haskell, the elite rugby player, entrepreneur, author, presenter, DJ, barista, social media firebrand and, er, dumper truck enthusiast leads from the front, in the best shape of his life.

The March issue is packed with more hard-hitting talent — think muscle-building hacks, clean food for dirty appetites, kicking work stress into touch, tips to hotwire your metabolism and much more — than the entirety of the Six Nations.

To give you the first-touch of our meaty March issue, we assembled the best quotes from Haskell - one of rugby's hottest prospects.

Haskell on...meeting his fans "Not long ago, a guy walked up to me in the street. He goes: ‘You're James Haskell. I used to think you were a right dick. But you played really well on that Australia tour. So now I think you're alright!' I mean, what am I supposed to do with that?"

On...lifting for improvement "I hate not playing. When I wasn't selected for England U16s, I was gutted. My dad told me I could either give up, or come back stronger the following year. I asked a family friend for some advice on lifting weights and I haven't looked back."

On...matching his diet with his training "The amount of training I do each day, on top of all this running around, means I need to be taking in about four-and-a-half thousand calories a day, just to maintain my weight. So, yeah, I eat the right stuff. But sometimes, I just really need to eat."

On...his work ethic "If it can get me back to playing 2-3% better then I would be a fool to ignore [new training methods]. I've made it my business to cherry-pick valuable information from other sports and things like this. If you don't give them a try you don't know. The only people who know everything are in the graveyard."

On...staying grounded "It's like meditation...My days are so full-on that it's nice to just concentrate on a proper job for a bit – fill it up, drive it round, empty it. If nobody had told me to stop, I'd have been there all night."

– Entry was posted on February 1st, 2017 by James Haskell
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