HELPDESK – RugbyFit EBook. Your questions about printing as well as downloading the RugbyFit Ebook answered.


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We have had a number of questions from purchasers of James' new
RugbyFit EBook around the same themes.

We have set out both the questions as well as the answers, which we hope is of help to you. However if you have a question about the functionality of the EBook, please email

If you have a general question about fitness or training then please email


Today I purchased you're eBook and was wondering if there is a way of downloading it onto an iPad for offline reading. I am able to download it onto my Mac but would like it on my iPad to read in work. Your website mentions this is possible from your app but I can't find a way to download it yet. Is this something that is available now?


The plan was to launch an App at the same time as the book. This would have enabled people to view the full book offline across all Iphones, androids and tablets.

This is still very much the case but we are having some issues with Apple, who are taking forever to approve the App, Sadly without approval we can’t publish the App, which is very frustrating.

However we anticipate the App being approved and ready to be downloaded free before Christmas.


How do you print the book out as a hard copy?


There is no possibility to print out the book for security reasons to prevent duplication and unlawful third party distribution.

However the purpose behind the book was to make it as interactive and flexible as possible with the ability for the book to be always available both on and off line via the JHHF App.

To achieve this the plan was to launch a supporting App at the same time as the book, which would enable people to always view the entire book both on and offline, across all Iphones, androids and tablets.

Regrettably for the reasons set out in the answer to the first question above, this has not yet happened.

However as soon as the App is live, everyone who has purchased the EBook will be sent a link to download the App which is free. Plus they will automatically be given access to whichever of the two EBooks they purchased within the App, to enable them to download the EBook to the App on both Iphone, Android as well as to both an iPad or Tablet to ensure total flexibility as well as functionality.

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