Health Warning

It is very important, if you have any doubts or conerncs whatsoever about your ability to perform an of the recommended exercises that you consult either a doctor, if a medical concern or a qualified personal trainer, if it is a technical or execution issue.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to undertake any exercise if you have medical issues or physical injuries without first consulting a qualified professional beforehand.

James Haskell Health and Fitness cannot accept liability for any injury, loss or damage resulting from any physical exercise set out in one of our packages or programmes. By unilaterally choosing to follow our guide, please be fully aware you are voluntarily accepting inherent potential risk associated with any physical and/or resitance training.

SHould you suffer from any medical condition, are carrying an injury, have any allergies or are in any doubt whatsoever, about any aspext of the programmes, we strongly recommend you fo NOT proceed to partake in any activity but instead seek the relevant professional advice at the earliest opportunity.

Any supplement(s) featured within the programme are entirely optional and are a personal recommendation only. All supplements must always be taken in strct accordance with the manufacturuer's stated recommendation and usage. Again if you are in any doubt, please always consult a doctor.

Please remember there is a risk associated with undertaking any form of exercise. Therefore when training, always ensure you do it in a proper, suitable and safe environment, as well as always enuring you warm-up correctly BEFORE attempting exercise.

It is critical to ensure your technique is correct and most importantly, you always train with your own capabilities, as well as observing any and all safety practices/codes of conduct, which may be present within your own gym or chosen training area.

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