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Lower your insulin - Vigour is back, we’re going digital before we progress to print, and we’re taking no prisoners - there will no hoodwinking and no hidden sugars as we burn a chariot through the health industry and champion the outdoors and a life of adventure. So come and take a look at


Vigour will make you question yourself, so your choices are more reliably informed, and we’ll inspire you to eat better, train better, to race, to set out on an adventure or to take up a challenge - and shock yourself by completing it.


We believe that nature is the key to unlocking your better self. Nature is the playground for sports and adventure and the model in terms of diet, exercise, design and even tech.


We’re dedicated to superb content covering news, health, fitness, adventure, food, gear, races through inspirational features and videos. All done with a certain panache and a subversive grin. We will strain every journalistic sinew to:

• demystify disparate health research, foggy fitness philosophies and contradictory dietary regimes.

• mercilessly crush common misconceptions that succeed only in marketing mankind to an early grave, from food labelling to cushioned running shoes.

• bring readers and users sublime tales of adventure and expeditions.


The Vigour tribe has arrived. We have been joined by some of the most talented writers, journalists, athletes, adventurers, chefs, photographers, and exercise and nutrition experts on the planet. They count among themselves MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre, England rugby player and fi tness pioneer James Haskell, Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Al Humphreys, sports-nutrition fiend Warren Pole, top PT trainer Jon Denoris and sports-science expert Andy Blow, as well as acclaimed journalists Brendan Gallagher, Giulio Di Sturco, Tarquin Cooper, Michelle Jana Chan, Tim Heming, Lucy Fry, James Henderson, Tris McConnell, Rebecca Newman and Tobias Mews, and undercover experts the Vigour Geek on tech and sports science and the Vigour Beak on fine wine.

Have an explore and you will already find predictions on this year’s health trends, a report into the exploding world of Obstacle Racing, a new formula for running biomechanics, time trialling with Team Sky’s Performance Director Rod Ellingworth, the fridge secrets of boxing world champion Amir Khan; a training session with the legendary runner Kilian Jornet; insight into the outdoors from adventurer Bear Grylls; and the first in the ‘uber bucket list’ of outdoorsman and entrepreneur Matthew Robertson.

So if you like what we’re doing, come back to the site, launch weapons of mass social dissemination and shout our name from the treetops.


Vigour is a premium health, outdoors and adventure brand brought to you by Rude Health Media.

Rude Health Media successfully published the ‘pop up’ Summer special freemium issue in July 2013 (digital edition can still be viewed at

Vigour Digital,, built by Fusion Media and launched in November 2014, marks a new chapter for Rude Health Media. Vigour is aimed at mainly men in the 20-55 age group - commuters who are educated, articulate but time-poor. Some already run, cycle, climb, do triathlons, race at weekends, go on expeditions, and many would like to get outside and know more. And everyone wants a better lifestyle, even if they don’t want to change their lives.

The Rude Health Media joint founders are: Charlie Norton former Daily Telegraph sports journalist and regular contributor to the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and Runner’s World. Richard Johnstone former publisher of Wallpaper*, Marie Claire and Loaded, and currently Editorial Director at Drum and Manning Gottlieb.

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